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Silver Collector: Basic

Awarded for obtaining silver in all basic level Skills Training

Silver Collector: Basic0
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15 Sep 2020 15 Sep 2020
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To find the training mode from the main menu, go to:

Kick Off -> Training (last option on the menu) -> Skills Training

Select a good team. Barcelona in the Spanish League is a great choice, but any five-star teams will work.

In all. there are 23 skill training games to complete across the four difficulties. You need to score 1000 points to achieve Silver in each skill game to net all the achievements. 500 points or more gets you Bronze, whilst 2000 points gets you Gold, although there isn’t any benefit to passing at Gold level in terms of achievements.


From the next menu, choose the first skill game from the Basic tab, which is ‘Dribbling’.

The games are listed below:

Dash Dribble

You need to score 1000 on each to pass at Silver level.

Follow the onscreen instructions for each and you should get through most first time. Once you complete one of the skill games, click ‘Next’ to be taken to the next game. Once you finish ‘Dash Dribble’, you will be awarded with the achievement.