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The Destroyer

Drive or Explode: Cause 3 vehicles to explode within 10 seconds of hitting them.

The Destroyer-16.5
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BTE BamBamBTE BamBam433,802
16 Sep 2020 16 Sep 2020
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One major point that I'd like to make clear for everyone is that your vehicle can count as one of the three vehicles. I connected a second controller and was playing against a friend. We ganged up on one vehicle to the point that they had low health and then I finished the the AI and his vehicle off. Within a few seconds of staying still my vehicle exploded and the achievement popped. This might be more of a tip than a solution but just understand that your vehicle can count as one of the three.
Bodom78I've been playing this mode and have had no luck in the getting this. Is the goal basically to just destroy 3 cars in a race?
Posted by Bodom78 on 17 Sep 20 at 03:29