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Start writing a new chapter with Alyson

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Currently it is still unclear what exactly is needed but so far it turns out that you have to choose mostly negative, lie to Eddy in Chapter 3 and choose at the end Alyson's memory. I recommend to do this achievement together with the
Tell Me WhyLife Tears Us ApartThe Life Tears Us Apart achievement in Tell Me Why worth 110 pointsComplete the story with the twin's bond weakened

on your second playthrough. You need 2 playthroughs to get all achievements.

There is no indicator in the game how many negative choices you needed, so for the safe side I recommend to replay! the game from chapter 1 (not isolated mode!) and be negative as possible. You can skip a lot of cutscenes and save a lot of time.

Here is a list of all my negative choices during my playthrough. The remaining choices should not be any effect to any achievement in the game (as example Tessa at Graveyard)

Chapter 1
- I don't care cn_A
Ronan House - Puzzle Door
- Examine the door
- Open (door handle)
- Break down the door cn_Y
Ronan House - Balcony
- Must be nice to forget cn_X
- Is something wrong cn_X
- That book changed everything cn_X
- Couldn't find the time cn_X
- Stop making it about you cn_Y
- Choose Alyson's memory
Store - Talk with Tessa (don't get any clues)
- We remembered details cn_A
- It's time to talk now cn_Y
- April 2004 cn_A
- You were mad she bailed on you cn_X
Police station
- Eddy did his best for me cn_Y

Chapter 2
Ronan House - Outside
- Choose Alyson's memory
Car Stop (Telephone conversation with the realtor)
- Let's do it cn_Y
Police station (After Archive Room)
- Are you kidding me?! cn_Y
- She was struggling! cn_X
- So you called child services cn_X
- That's bullshit, Alyson! cn_Y
- No, its not that easy cn_X
Store (After the plushie Battle)
- You're swell too cn_Y
Graveyard - Totem
- Choose Tyler's memory
Ronan House - Docks
- Even after what I did for you? cn_X

Chapter 3
Eddy's House - Talk with Michael
- Don't tell Michael about the Memories cn_X
- Won't do any good cn_X
Police station
- I wanna forget cn_X
- I can't move on cn_X
Fishing with Michael
- We're too different cn_X
- I was the kid who killed his mom cn_X
Ronan House - Barn
- Break the Box with the crowbar and don't solve any puzzles
Ronan House - Dock
- Choose Alyson's memory (Marry-Ann threatened Tyler)

If you need a visual guide I have create a 100% video guide for this game with all achievements, all collectibles and all choices. The second playthrough / bad choices start at 35:32 (Timeline in spoilers)

Chapter 1
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Chapter 2
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Chapter 3
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Second Playthrough
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
The Reverend JCSpot on guide for getting the Alyson ending as well as driving the twins apart. Second playthrough with skipping cutscenes took around three hours 👍
Posted by The Reverend JC on 19 Sep 20 at 00:00
oO CRAIGE OoThank you so much! This was my last attempt before restarting the whole game again, I was pulling my hair out. Worked perfectly!
Posted by oO CRAIGE Oo on 23 Sep 20 at 21:43
InviernoCero2- Very useful, +1 clap
- Muy útil, +1 clap
Posted by InviernoCero2 on 18 Feb at 10:03
PandivisThank you very much! It helped me a lot. I only replay the Third Chapter doing exactly what you said to do and got this achievement and the Life Tears Us Apart achievement. Thank God I don't had to play the entire game again. In chapters 1 and 2 I think I got the most right answer but I don't know how much exactly I got.
Posted by Pandivis on 10 Mar at 18:41