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Complete the story with the twins strongly bound together

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I recommend to do this achievement together with the
Tell Me WhySecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Tell Me Why worth 65 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

on your first playthrough. You need 2 playthroughs to get all achievements. To strong your bond you have to choose mostly the positive choices in the game. There is no indicator in the game how many you needed, so for the safe side I recommend be positive as possible from the start of the game to the end.

Here is a list of all my positive choices during my playthrough. The remaining choices should not be any effect to any achievement in the game (as example Tessa at Graveyard)

Chapter 1
- Fine cn_Y
Ronan House - Outside before you get inside heads to the docks, on the right side is a bench on the way
- choose both options then leave
Ronan House - Puzzle Door
- Solve the puzzle correctly (Moose - Bear - Pelican)
Ronan House - Balcony
- Maybe Tessa has answers cn_Y
- Is something wrong cn_X
- That book changed everything cn_X
- Wasn't ready to come back cn_Y
- I was hiding from everyone cn_X
- Choose Tyler's memory
Store - Talk with Tessa (after you find all clues)
- We remembered details cn_A
- October 2004 cn_Y
- You told het about the camp cn_X
- The Virtue Seekers Youth Camp cn_Y
Police station
- Being kept apart was wrong cn_X

Chapter 2
Ronan House - Outside
- Choose Tylers's memory
Car Stop (Telephone conversation with the realtor)
- It's not the right time cn_X
Police station (After Archive Room)
- Let's talk in private cn_X
- So Tessa came to you? cn_Y
- Just like that, huh? cn_X
- We could get there with time cn_Y
Store (After the plushie Battle)
- If you choose "You're swell too" it is negative, the other one leads into nothing
Graveyard - Totem
- Choose Alyson's memory
Ronan House - Docks
- Just one more time cn_Y

Chapter 3
Eddy's House - Talk with Michael
- Tell Michael about the Memories cn_Y
- That could work cn_Y
Police station
- That's not true cn_Y
- I killed Mary-Ann cn_Y
Fishing with Michael
- I pushed her too hard cn_Y
- I didn't really think about that cn_Y
Ronan House - Barn
- Solve all three puzzles correctly and open the box with the code after that
Ronan House - Dock
- Choose Tom's memory (Mary-Ann did not threaten Tyler)

If you need a visual guide I have create a 100% video guide for this game with all achievements, all collectibles and all choices.

Chapter 1
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 3
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Second Playthrough
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AnxsighetyIF you screwed this up the first time around, you only have to restart from the end of chapter 1 at the police station. Have Alyson take Tyler's side and then make all the correct choices from there. Will save you 30+ minutes from a full restart.
Posted by Anxsighety on 17 Sep 20 at 20:19