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Vs. the World

Win a Gauntlet match against 5 opponents or more

Vs. the World+0.2
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17 Sep 2020 19 Sep 2020
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This achievement can fortunately be unlocked offline.

To set this up, go to:
- Exhibition -> Gauntlet.
- It is important that you press cn_Y before confirming as it defaults as a 4 man gauntlet.
- Select 5 or 6 on the match settings tab, select your superstar and run the gauntlet.

EDIT, thanks to SuperS0nicSam's comment:
If you want an even easier, way of getting this achievement in a very quick, 2 minute match... you can change the ring out time to 3 seconds while setting up the match.
During the match, exit the ring, attack the opponent on the outside and re-enter the ring to get them counted out very quickly and easily. Best done on Eas difficulty to avoid any reversals.

The match itself consists of you facing off against 5 (or 6 if you're a masochist) superstars in consecutive 1 on 1 bouts.
I'd recommend using the healing power-up when needed as it can get tough as the match rolls on. Be sure to use your signature move when possible as well (cn_LT + cn_RT with a full blue circle).

Should you be successful, you will unlock the achievement. You can play it on easy, so do that for an easy ride.
AKfoy0faceOmg really?
Posted by AKfoy0face on 19 Sep 20 at 00:09
SuperS0nicSamThis is way too complicated of a solution for an achievement that can be done in less than 2 minutes lol.
Change ring out time to 3 seconds
Throw your opponent out of the ring
Exit the ring, then hold a to pick them up, then press b.
Re enter the ring, and your opponent should be counted out.
Rinse and repeat.
Takes 2 minutes tops.
Posted by SuperS0nicSam on 19 Sep 20 at 10:39
JohnALS39Thanks for the info, never played with those match settings before... Didn't even know you could go that low for the count outs. I'll add it to the solution
Posted by JohnALS39 on 19 Sep 20 at 12:23
I KRUGER I BRThe match rules are locked to me . Tried all and don't let me change anything , in exhibition , off course.
Posted by I KRUGER I BR on 24 Sep 20 at 21:14
H1S AND HERSThey are also locked for me too, last achievement I need 😒
Posted by H1S AND HERS on 27 Sep 20 at 22:41
OdorlessHotdogYou can't change the options at all at any point on this match type. Trash!
Posted by OdorlessHotdog on 29 Sep 20 at 09:18
HATRED REMAINSWorked perfect for me! 👍👍
Posted by HATRED REMAINS on 02 Oct 20 at 13:07
TerzerosThis game has a bug that prevents you from unlocking this achievement, this bug does not allow you to modify the rules of the game and for now there is no solution. There have been 2 updates for this game, but none of them have fixed the bug. I hope they fix it soon, report this bug if it happens to you. this bug does not happen to everyone
Posted by Terzeros on 25 Oct 20 at 14:26
CraigyB78I am hoping for a trial weekend where I can try this achievement again. Latest update has wiped all my progress
Posted by CraigyB78#8653 on 03 Nov 20 at 12:28
CraigyB78UPDATE - I just tried this today on my Series X ( previously tried this on both Xbox One S and X ) and found I had full access to all the menus in the Gauntlet match type. I dont know if there has been a patch to fix this or if it was the new console but finally finished this game.
Posted by CraigyB78#8653 on 03 Dec 20 at 16:07