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Deserved Recognition

Earn your first Career Accolade.

Deserved Recognition0
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20 Sep 2020 20 Sep 2020
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Career Accolades are found by pressing the cn_start button to see your profile summary. As long as you're in a menu, this button takes you there. From there, press cn_RB twice to get to the Accolades tab.

There are A LOT of accolades.
Wins Category (15 in total) contain ones like complete a certain number of wins, Podium Finishes, Win Events with 'x' type of car, and so on
CareerCategory (11 in total) contain complete career goals, objectives, completed laps in Career, and so on
Multiplayer Category (5 of these) contain complete Clean races in Quickplay, Scheduled Event, Penalty free races, etc
Rivals Category (6) - Daily Rivals events, Weekly events, Season finishes, etc.
Stats Category (7) - Smash breakout targets, Clean Laps, Overtakes, etc
Track Mastering Category (156) - Master Multiple Corners, Earn Track Master, Drive 'x' miles on 'x' circuit, etc
Upgrades Category (5) - Fit 'x' upgrades, Spend 'x' amount on upgrades, Upgrade cars to next class, etc
Car Affinity Category (17) - Reach level 10 in Multiple Cars (3), win 50 events in multiple cars, 10 podium finishes, etc
Assists Category (10) - Cockpit Cam, Helmet Cam, Roof Cam, Stability Control off, etc.

You'll definitely get one of these through natural progression. That said I'd expect it to take a least 2-3 hours of racing to your liking, be that predominately MP or SP(Career) races. If it's Career races, you'll get it after winning 10 races before any other, to be honest.