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Go for the Gold

Open a Gold REQ Pack.

Go for the Gold0
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21 Sep 2020 21 Sep 2020
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From the main menu, press cn_start, scroll down (cn_LSd) to "Requisitions", scroll across (cn_LSr) to "My Packs" and open it with cn_A.

If you have any gold Packs, simply open one of them with cn_A, and this achievement will pop!

If not, press cn_LB to switch to the Requistion Store, and with 10,000 REQ Points, you can buy a Gold REQ Pack.

You gain REQ Points from: Completing matches (more if you play well or your team wins the match), opening REQ Packs that you earn just playing the game + logging in, selling your REQs (go to "Requistions, then Collection, then "Power Weapons and Vechicles" or "Boost", and press cn_X to sell* the selected REQ. You can also use Boosters to gain more REQ Points (RP Boosters, they have a Cube on them!)

* REQs sell for different prices.
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I ASK NO ONEJust logging in daily gives plenty of points to purchase the gold pack. I barely started the campaign and haven't played online at all and I have about 30,000. U can buy it for few dollars, but it's easy to get the points in other ways. Thanks.
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 22 Oct 20 at 02:41
TheDonSimeoniIndeed, shouldn't take too long to get to 10k naturally, but selling things helps just a little bit more to get there slightly faster for anyone that's looking for a quick 10G!
Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 23 Oct 20 at 15:10