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Halo: Reach: Complete Exodus without using any armour abilities.

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24 Sep 2020 24 Sep 2020
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This can be done solo without any of the hammer or grenade jump mumbo Jumbo. Simply load up the map and play normally using your armour abilities. At any time after you no longer need the armour abilities Save/Quit and resume your game from them menus. Complete the rest of the level without Armour abilities and Bingo Bango there's your Mango.

I can confirm this does work as I did it myself. I am told you can wait as long as just needing to press the missile button however I saved and quit at the start of the last area and activated the Missiles and fired them without the abilities to earn the achievement.
General WizzardWorked perfectly. I save/quit after priming the second missile battery in the final area. I did it on easy. Superb solution!
Posted by General Wizzard on 17 Oct 20 at 18:57
BeijingyReading this I was admittedly skeptical that it would work. How is this not the top solution?!
Posted by Beijingy on 03 Dec 20 at 17:21
GilgameshBEThis should be the top solution like Beijingy said. This is by far the easiest way to get the achievement.
Posted by GilgameshBE on 14 Dec 20 at 21:09
SkeighExcellent solution! Way easier than any other method.
Posted by Skeigh on 20 Dec 20 at 09:09
ADDZ777I forgot this is how I got this achievement. The solution is so simple.
Posted by ADDZ777 on 07 May 21 at 02:47
EbizuThumbs up, best solution by far! Thanks.
Posted by Ebizu on 24 Sep 21 at 20:25
Franck94avsBest solution thanks !
Posted by Franck94avs on 06 Nov 21 at 19:27
Spring ShieldsThis NEEDS to be the top solution!!
Posted by Spring Shields on 08 Dec 21 at 01:30
Ii C y K 0 iIStill working December 2021. Made life a little easier.
Posted by Ii C y K 0 iI on 20 Dec 21 at 00:15
SoppiestSquash8Great guide - thank you!
Posted by SoppiestSquash8 on 30 Dec 21 at 22:44
te5s3raktUp vote the shit out of this. Brilliant guide!
Posted by te5s3rakt on 03 Jan at 07:17