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Made Man

Complete the game on Classic difficulty

Made Man-1.0
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The above guides are alright, but I wanted to pass along some tips and give some advice for everyone going for this annoying, but rewarding, achievement! (While it's true that you can play the game on Classic mode to get the collectibles and the "A Life of Crime" achievement on your 1st playthrough, I wouldn't recommend it- it might save you some time, but it'll more than likely make you more pissed off and won't let you enjoy the story!)

Some starting tips:
-When starting the story, you set the settings. Put the aim-assist on HIGH.
-Whenever you start a chapter at the bar, be sure to go see Vinny before progressing! This will give you a chance to pick up your choice of weapons (I highly recommend the gold pistol if you pre-ordered the game, the tommy gun, and a knife as your melee).
-If it's your 2nd playthrough, or your 1st and you really don't care about the conversations Tommy has with his passengers when driving to a location, press down on the d-pad to skip non-important drives to save more time when completing a chapter. You can access this setting in the options menu!
-Consciously think about reloading your weapon, because any leftover ammo will be lost. Along with that, be as conservative as possible with your ammo.
-Enemies are a lot tougher, and take a good amount of shots to take down. Weapons like the tommy gun and shotgun are good, but I honestly kept finding myself using the gold pistol (or semi-automatic pistol) most of the time. It takes 3-4 shots to kill enemies with a pistol. It definitely made a difference in shoot-out scenes.
-When shooting, it's better to take short bursts of fire rather than dragging out trying to shoot an enemy (especially when using the tommy gun). In fact, I got through these shoot-outs relatively quickly by shooting only one time on an enemy in and out of cover.

Chapters 1-4:
These first few chapters aren't too bad on Classic mode. Be sure to keep the above tips in mind to get through them relatively quickly.

Chapter 5:
Honestly, this chapter is probably the hardest to complete because of the mandatory race near the end. BE PREPARED TO SPEND SOME TIME ON THIS. Using the Ram feature (tapping, NOT holding, the A button while driving) gives you a small speed boost and helps you make clean turns. If you spin out or crash at all, re-load the checkpoint. The 1st turn, in my opinion, is the most difficult. I got through it and all the others by slowing down a lot before the curve, pressing and then letting go of RT, and using Ram to keep the turn clean. Don't be afraid to ride in the grass. The 1st lap sets the course for the remainder of the race- if you're not in 4th or 5th place by the end of the 1st lap, re-load the checkpoint; on the final stretch, look behind you and try to block the driver behind you as they are much faster than you on Classic.

Chapter 7:
Not too bad either. Remember to conserve ammo, be on the look-out for first-aid boxes, and don't rush. This chapter also has a car chase scene; since the driving mode is locked on Simulation, driving is tougher in general. Be cautious of your speed because all turns are much more difficult.

Chapter 8:
I'd recommend finding Michelle in room 208 first because after it's done, it won't raise any alarms. Killing the manager in the lounge second makes the rest of the shooting scene more linear and smoother of a pace while trying to get to the office to plant the bomb. Once you and Sam are trying to escape the police, try to go down a secluded alleyway. This will buy you some more breathing room from the cops.

Chapter 9:
Honestly, this chapter is quite annoying as well once you get to the car chase scene when you're defending the truck from the cops. Since you can get killed a lot quicker in Classic, the difficulty skyrockets. Be prepared to die a few times (unless you get lucky). Try to be as accurate while shooting the tommy gun as you can- I recommend trying to hit the drivers of the cars first because it gives a good chance of the car spinning out and no longer being an issue.

Chapter 10:
Try to be as sneaky as possible so you won't have to take out as many enemies in a shoot-out. Once Frank is taken away in a car, you make your way to him. I got through this entire scene without shooting anyone by making my way to the building on the far left as you start approaching further to the objective. Always be cautious and duck behind cover as much as possible to get your bearings on enemies nearby. Silently take out any guys you come across and you should be able to make it all the way to Frank without having to shoot anyone.

Chapter 11:
Not too bad. When you're escaping with Salvatore, leave the mansion, and then try to park in a secluded driveway or alleyway and just wait for your wanted stars to go away. It takes a few minutes but makes finishing the chapter a lot easier!

Chapter 12:
The shoot-outs aren't too bad- molotovs are your friend here! When you have to protect the truck, be careful with your car speed and turns since driving on Simulation is tougher. Overall, not that hard of a chapter.

Chapter 15:
When chasing Sergio on the motorcycle, keep your distance from the car (but obviously don't let him escape). Doing this will ensure that no one from the car can shoot you so you'll be able to have more health once the shooting scene starts.

Chapter 16:
Overall, not too bad. Keep in mind that enemy locations aren't shown on the map, so try and take your time because an enemy can come up from your blindspot and take you out. When following the plane, it lands in the direction of the race track, so driving as if you're going there can help shave off your time in getting to the wreck.

Chapter 17:
Everything leading up to escaping the prison isn't too difficult. When near the exit of the prison, you'll see a cop car that would be the easiest escape vehicle. Instead of automatically getting in the car and trying to drive off with a 5 star wanted level, turn back and start to head back into the prison. This will break the cops' line of sight with you, and they'll start to search for you. Just wait and make sure they don't see you, and within 1-2 minutes, your wanted level will dissappear and you won't have to drive and escape the police at all!

Chapter 18:
Patience is key here! The box of cigars is literally the last one you'll need to check. Also, the regular workers can be taken out with melee attacks even if they spot you. There's no way that they can sound the alarm. Take your time scoping out the best path when avoiding roadblocks.

Chapters 19 & 20:
Lots of shooting in these chapters, so stay viligant of your ammo and health. Overall, they're not that difficult, but you might die a few times!

I really hope this helps someone out! :)
NoHeroes94Finally, a good solution to this achievement. Thank you!
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 29 Sep 20 at 07:03
Golgoth XVIIHi there!
I played most of the game in Classic mode, but I put Medium difficulty for chapter 5.
I ended the game and I didn't unlocked the achievement.
Do you know if I can unlock this achievement if I replay a chapter select and complete this chapter in Classic mode or if I have to replay the entire game in Classic mode without changing the difficulty?
Posted by Golgoth XVII on 29 Sep 20 at 09:00
jayasmeI have got full achievement of Forza 3 but fucked at the racing stage, retried tens of times, keep failing, driving cars in classical mode is like swimming in lava especially you have to win the 1st place, god save my life!
Posted by jayasme on 29 Sep 20 at 13:19
NoHeroes94Deleted the race comment because it was such a large comment, if anyone wants any tips, PM me.

Amazing guide, +1. Ch. 14 can also be a bit tricky. When escaping the boat, once downstairs to the middle level, you can pretty much run and just shoot those who get in your way (i.e. ignore the main fight on the cross-section, they don't chase you).
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 30 Sep 20 at 10:04
The SCHWARTZ 00The race in Chapter 5 is absolutely fucking infuriating. Taking 3 points off my review score just for this horse shit.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 02 Oct 20 at 01:44
WarMachine9494Can I do this via chapter select? Can anyone confirm if it’s possible to do so. It would be a huge bummer if I have to start a completely new game especially after unlocking and collecting all the collectibles...
Posted by WarMachine9494 on 02 Oct 20 at 06:26
Jrodx88@WarMachine9494 All your collectables progress (and car collection) stays with you no matter what. If you've already completed the campaign once, starting it again on Classic doesn't lose any other progress. That's exactly how I did it after getting the collectables.
Posted by Jrodx88 on 02 Oct 20 at 12:08
WarMachine9494@Jrodx88 thanks for the heads up. I really appreciate it.
Posted by WarMachine9494 on 02 Oct 20 at 21:42
Trojan DestinyHi I was having trouble with the race so I changed it to medium. Then I didn’t actually race on medium I looked at these tips and decided to go back to Classic. So I switch the difficulty back and then reset my checkpoint. Beat the race. Ok great but now reading these comments I’m worried I won’t get the achievement just because I switched off of Classic. I did go back to it and all chapters will be done one Classic. I did not complete anything on Medium just switched to it for a brief moment. Will I get this achievement!? So worried 😧
Posted by Trojan Destiny on 07 Oct 20 at 09:05
BabyishDuckI personally found the race very easy as I played through the game with simulation driving up to that point. It's all about car control, you can gain a lot of time on the other drivers in the first half of the lap.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 08 Oct 20 at 07:48
Horizon Thorthat race is hard and the dev who made the track and how hard it is theirs a place in hell for you for making it harder than the 2002 one
Posted by Horizon Thor on 09 Oct 20 at 12:15
Horizon Thorchapter 9 is hacked it impossible to do
Posted by Horizon Thor on 10 Oct 20 at 18:41
NOTOR1OUS T1TOBruh i just beat chapter 9 pretty easily lol
Posted by NOTOR1OUS T1TO on 11 Oct 20 at 07:39
DeniWhiteRPGWho made this stupid race....
Posted by DeniWhiteRPG on 18 Oct 20 at 03:42
DmbledoreDoes replaying chapters on Classic work for this achievement or do you have to start a new game on Classic?
Posted by Dmbledore on 30 Oct 20 at 15:10
BuffaloJetBoi@Dmbledore You have to start a new game and play start to finish on Classic. You can't change the difficulty at any time or it will void the achievement. Found out the hard way when I decided to get the collectibles in Free Ride before finishing the Classic run and it kept it at easy difficulty when I loaded back in to Story mode.
Posted by BuffaloJetBoi on 02 Nov 20 at 02:55
Shepele@BuffaloJetBoi thanks! You save me a lot of time.
Posted by Shepele on 03 Nov 20 at 00:43
YaIrishMick96This race is torture. The car is a piece of crap that can't turn without spinning out, and the AI is so unnecessarily aggressive
Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 08 Nov 20 at 01:16