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Complete Swomp's mentorship.

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30 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020
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Just complete all 7 of Swomp's quests. The last task is to buy a video game console in the Styxcoin dungeon. I found this hard to do, even with the mentor that gives extra money and the charismatic skill that reduces the cost. Unfortunately, you can't buy it with Ray's credit card, but you CAN buy it with the blood for money skill. I you don't have that, then it will just be luck based on if Swomp steals it for you.
True MarvellousDo you recall how to get the polyamorous task done?
Posted by True Marvellous on 02 Oct 20 at 05:59
APOPHIS1989Poly amorous is fairly difficult. You need to play through the Winkydink dungeon until you get to a match room. Choose a match and defeat them as quickly as possible to hopefully gain them as an ally. Then you continue through the dungeon, keeping them alive until you get another match. Successfully gain that ally to complete the task.
Posted by APOPHIS1989 on 02 Oct 20 at 18:14
TheMarkJohnsonJust as a note, gaining them as an ally from the Winkydink dungeon tasks doesn't actually depend on speed. You get a 5 star rating for not taking any damage from them. With Swomp as my mentor I just used the free allies at the beginning of the floor to defeat the date with 5 stars easy and then tanked myself until the next match challenge.

Mine were both on the same floor, but I'm not sure if a match will follow you between floors.
Posted by TheMarkJohnson on 06 Mar at 18:38
AtmaxarI used Scarlet Death's tip, but here is a suggestion to make it even more easy:

Don't activate a date mission until you find a second match room. So that you can kill both after each other.
Posted by Atmaxar on 07 Mar at 02:00
mudder85I got my first ally for polyamorous then used styxroad to get my second ally, this way you know you wont get hurt and lose the second ally due to getting hit too many times
Posted by mudder85 on 07 Mar at 04:02
E vee dubOne of Swomp's tasks is to:
-Run over a car with your car.
Posted by E vee dub on 07 Mar at 09:06