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Made Man

Complete the game on Classic difficulty

Made Man-1.0
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02 Oct 2020 27 Oct 2020
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Missions in Mafia consist of an optional tutorial, a prologue followed by 21 story missions and ends with an epilogue..
The difficulty is not that bad, but if you play it on 'Classic' there will be 2 things that are changing..
1: Police Response. (Simulation mode..)
2: Driving Mode. (Simulation mode..)




4 'Chapters..

-An Offer You Can't Refuse
-Running Man
-Molotov Party
-Ordinary Routine

5 'Chapers..

-Fairplay, This is the hardest one!.. (The race..) because it's 'Simulation Mode'.. and on Classis...
TIP: You wanna get first the feeling of you're car and the track.. i also suggest using 'First person' view.. if you going round the bend.. you let go of you're gass.. because you will go faster, just use you're steering wheel.. Also imported is using the 'Speed limiter'.. especially in tight corners.. in the first corner.. bump in the top 5/6.. And in the second/third corner, in the top 3/4.. by cutting the 2 corner(s).. by going over the grass.. on the inside.. there will be falling each round 1 racer out of the race.. if you're not in the top 3-5 going into the second round.. restart checkpoint.. and you will get it eventually..

-Better Get Used to It
-The Whore
-The Priest

4 'Chapters

-Trip to the Country
-Visiting Rich People
-Great Deal

4 'Chapters

-Bon Appétit
-Happy Birthday
-You Lucky Bastard
-Crème De La Crème

4 'Chapters

-Election Campaign
-Just for Relaxation
-The Death of Art

Last mission.


Additional Game Modes..

-Test Drive
-Free Ride

Free Ride Missions

-Free Ride
-Free Ride Extreme
-The Crazy Horse
-Dock Block
-Electric Trick Track
-Pennies From Hell
-Alien Infiltration
-The Old Switcheroo
-Professional Protection
-Explosive Situation
-Moderate Velocity
-Mister Fancy Bike
-Curse of the Baskervilles
-Post Cards

BuffaloJetBoiIt should be added that you have to play from start to finish on Classic. If you change the difficulty at any point or go to Free Ride on a different difficulty and don't change it back before going back to Story Mode( because it will stick with that difficulty), it will void the achievement and you will have to start all over again. Found that out the hard way.
Posted by BuffaloJetBoi on 02 Nov 20 at 02:46
DmbledoreI don't understand this. My only play through has been on Classic and this achievement hasn't unlocked for me. As a matter of fact, the achievement for beating the last chapter didn't unlock so I cleared my save, loaded up the game and replayed the last chapter then it unlocked.

However, Made Man didn't unlock. Instead, the achievement for beating the game on any difficulty unlocked. I did not mess with the difficulty setting at anytime during my Classic play through. Do I need to beat the game twice from start to end?

This is frustrating and annoying.
Posted by Dmbledore on 03 Nov 20 at 21:58
DmbledoreCan anyone confirm skipping drives and changing aim assist to high doesn't affect this achievement?
Posted by Dmbledore on 04 Nov 20 at 17:25
YaIrishMick96This race is going to be the death of me.
Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 08 Nov 20 at 01:12
HQAZEIt's pretty tough though.. at first.. but the key's i mention in the solution..
But a golden tip/hint is; drive in first person.. and let go off you're gas in corners for a moment.. so you gain more momentum.. or getting the 'flow' if you will.. and you will get it eventually.
Posted by HQAZE on 08 Nov 20 at 04:08
YaIrishMick96I got past the race but it sucked the life out of me. The rest of the game isn't too bad because you can just skip drives, cutscenes and use high aim assist. My biggest tip that got me to master the race is using the ram button which is A to make certain corners much easier. On my successful run I got into 1st place after the 3rd turn. The 3rd turn is the only turn where the AI slows down a lot so master the hairpin turn, the next one is easy and then the 3rd one. Driving over the grass is also highly recommended. Ram, cut some corners (not the S shape one) and you'll be in first. After that make sure to drive quickly, but also safely. Do not make a single mistake just drive careful. I slowed down like hell going around the hairpin turn on lap 2 and 3 but it was the best choice. Just drive safe after you are in first.
Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 09 Nov 20 at 00:23
Raw Sauce RossWorst. Race. Ever.
Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 12 Nov 20 at 05:29
PeachCloud87115I was worried about this racing mission but I really dont understand everyones problem first time for me lol
Posted by PeachCloud87115 on 27 Nov 20 at 15:26
RonnieHotdogThe race isn't as bad as what people say it is. Just get used to the steering and don't fluff the corners and the AI will mess it up!

Try and get to the top 4 by the first lap and use the grassy areas. If you're 2nd on the final lap, you'll win it
Posted by RonnieHotdog#144 on 05 Dec 20 at 09:32
HQAZENice to hear!..
But downvoting because you can't do it.. is just low..
I never D-vote.. think its highly disrespectfull/weak minded
Posted by HQAZE on 07 Dec 20 at 16:39
LastActionHer0For the race I used the ram to keep myself from losing control in fast turns. In that first hard turn and the one in the middle of the track, as I was sliding out of control, I hit the ram button and the thumb stick back towards the driving line, the car will shift and get back in line. I was trying it for a long time using the speed limiter and tapping the break or gas. As soon as I tried the ram I was in 2nd place by the end of the first lap.
Posted by LastActionHer0 on 11 Dec 20 at 20:55
HQAZEGlad to hear my friend!
And also exactly what i mean.. if you got the feeling/flow right.. it's a peace of cake..
Posted by HQAZE on 12 Dec 20 at 18:39
xBARTxTHExTook me a few tries but I managed to smash my way into sixth during the first turn and just drove carefully after that. Didn't expect everyone in front of me to crash, ended up finishing in first place.
Posted by xBARTxTHEx on 21 Dec 20 at 15:46
Gato GóticoI did it, ooooh boy i thougth i was never win this race!
Posted by Gato Gótico on 10 Jan at 11:17