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Bad Signs

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Bad Signs-0.3
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03 Oct 2020 05 Oct 2020
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For this achievement, you need to hit the 5 purple bat signs located throughout the level 'HOME COOKIN' in the map 'MOSQUITO MARSH' (This is a Dingodile stage). These signs are huge and hard to miss so this achievement isn't that difficult. You should be able to die during the level, however you will need to do it within one playthrough (meaning you can't back out, and go back into the level for the remainder you missed).

The first purple bat sign is located right behind the third TNT crate you are able to throw (hard to miss!).
The second purple bat sign is located is not so long after that (right after the shack has been blown up), you will go towards the camera and will pass by a few single TNT crates on top of a Metal Crate. It is hard to miss. Pick up one of the two TNT crates on the right side and shoot the sign.
The third purple bat sign is later on in the level, you will be jumping over water onto stone platforms. You will eventually come across a bunch of crates and a few crates of TNT blocking your path into a new building. Hoover up the crates until you pick up the TNT and shoot the sign that will be literally to the right of where the crates are.
The fourth purple bat sign is a bit or difficult to hit. You will get to a point where you are going across treadmills (whatever you want to call them) that push you in a certain way. This sign is located right behind a treadmill that is pushing you to the left. There will also be an enemy holding a TNT right above this treadmill just so you know you're at the right one. Either hoover up the TNT crate from the enemy, or pick up the TNT crate that regenerates on the platform right before the treadmill. Jump onto the treadmill and shoot the bat sign that is right behind it (it may take you a few tries but it isn't that bad).
The final purple bat sign is to the right of a cauldron that has pink goo inside of it which is being mixed. You will find a path on the right side of the treadmill prior to the cauldron which will have an enemy right next to a TNT. You'll need to use these TNT crates anyway to destroy the mixer to progress through the level so you won't miss it. Kill the enemy and shoot the sign that will be directly ahead of you.

Once you shoot all 5 signs, you will unlock the achievement!

Video reference if needed:

I hope this helps people, let me know if anything should be added/changed to this guide instead of downvoting it :)
Meerkat0810The first sign is not behind the first TNT crate you can throw. It is behind the third one.
Posted by Meerkat0810 on 04 Oct 20 at 23:48
ST3ALTH EMPER0RThanks, guide has been updated.
Posted by ST3ALTH EMPER0R on 05 Oct 20 at 01:15
UsedRobotFourth, not third
Posted by UsedRobot on 20 Oct 20 at 18:08