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Terror of Wolves

Get 5000 points

Terror of Wolves-0.1
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07 Oct 2020 07 Oct 2020
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Simply collect 500 Donut Coins. (Worth 10 points per coin). *You do not need to finish a level for your coins to count.

I used the 2nd to last level via the Level Select Cheat. I dropped down and collected 4 coins and then would restart the level. I did this over-and-over until I got 500 coins

(You can also input this at the Pause Menu to recharge your health)

Est Time for 1000g: 20-30 Minutes
🚫Missables: None
💵Price: $4.99 (Releases 11/6/20)
🏆Overview: You do not need to complete the Full Game! We only need to beat Level 10. *You can use the Level Select Cheat if you are having trouble reaching Level 10. Besides that, just make sure you connect 500 Donut Coins for 5000 points total

SashamorningEasiest place to grind for the 5k is level 4 (after the prologue). Jump right, get the gem and land on the spikes. 50 points, faster death. (Not that any of this is really a "grind".)

Posted by Sashamorning on 12 Nov 20 at 02:11
x1001x PuppysGood tip Sasha. I'd say even better going the extra 3-4 seconds to get the six coins to the right of this gem and then fall in the lava.
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 17 Apr at 18:51