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Trigger Happy

Dealt more than 50,000 laser damage in a single match.

Trigger Happy+7.0
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OsakamitsuOsakamitsu394,276 394,276 GamerScore
11 Oct 2020 11 Oct 2020
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I dont know if it's glitched or what... but what I did was very simple and I got it very quickly.

But first, I just want to say that it says do this in a single match, but my achievement tracker was sitting at 92% before I got this. You would think that I was 92% almost there, and then you start again and it will update if you pass 92% the next try. But how I got it was weird. I was sitting here and the xbox dashboard was cycling through showing me achievements that I dont have yet as its screensaver thing, and I noticed that the achievement has a gun part as it's image. So I thought, lets see if that's a real gun part and equip it and see if I can get the achievement with THAT gun. Then BOOM. 10 seconds into the match I got it. I rushed the first group of fighters at the center. I didn't even kill anyone. I just lit a bunch of them up and then it popped. SO I don't know if that previous 92% counted. In the previous matches I did attack capital ships a lot. But in the match that it gave me the achievement, there were no capital ships to even shoot yet.

The weapon I equipped in co op fleet was czerka burst cannon (3rd one) with the X wing.