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Not Your Proudest Moment

Die in Rainbow Cliffs

Not Your Proudest Moment-0.7
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12 Oct 2020 12 Oct 2020
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This is one of those self explanatory achievements but I'll make a guide in case someone's struggling. To get this achievement make sure you're in "Rainbow Cliffs" (Basically the Hub of the game) and head over to the little bridge connecting Bli Bli Station to the little island. Walk onto the bridge about a third of the way and jump off of it. Make sure to not hit the water as it will break your fall. Do this 4 times and Bam! The achievement is yours.
PocketSnails68A faster way I found to do this would be to go right after crossing the bridge and fall down to the area you see the burning logs at and walk into them repeatedly. This way you don't have to waste time climbing back up the cliff every time you take damage - you just get near constant damage walking into the logs.
Posted by PocketSnails68 on 03 Dec 20 at 07:56