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Congreve Rockets

Deploy '2 Rockets' from your shipments as the British

Congreve Rockets-0.4
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Sky ManiacSky Maniac636,827
15 Oct 2020 24 Oct 2020
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On the main menu select Skirmish

Change your Home town/Civilization to British (London) (The flag Icon next to your gamertag)
Select Deathmatch
Change starting age to Post-Imperial Age

Start the game and enter the cheat code: Nova & Orion
Select the flag icon in the bottom right corner of the screen (next to the mini map)
Choose the Land Deck

on line IV Select the 2nd option (Picture of a cannon)
This will deliver 2 cannons to your Town center and will pop the achievement.

Enter cheat code speed always wins to speed this up a bit.
HolyHalfDeadDepending on your UI, the map icon is a flag icon.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 23 Oct 20 at 21:31
Sky Maniac@HolyHalfDead thanks for pointing that out, it was a typo smile
Posted by Sky Maniac on 24 Oct 20 at 12:05
Tostie14The flag icon for me was in the upper left (with a number on it).
Posted by Tostie14 on 13 Dec 20 at 19:03