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Savant key


Savant key-1.2
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15 Oct 2020 15 Oct 2020
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You can unlock this achievement in chapter 9 - "Slaughterhouse".

Your goal is to avoid activating the 4 monitors in some rooms. These will be activated by yourself or enemies running through the cameras on the ceiling. You don't have to worry about their orientation, the cameras aim straight down.

Depending on the room, you can either cut the red wire going upwards or just dodge through them. You will know that you succeed when the monitors stay black. If they activate, restart the room.

Completing this challenge will also unlock the final key card. There will be a room at the end of the chapter full of red barrels where you can search for it.
pitendoCan you do this with chapter select?
I went to slaughter house but no camera's only two giant screens.
Posted by pitendo on 16 Oct 20 at 08:16