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See My Vest!

Unlock all Home City Cosmetics for any Civilization

See My Vest!-3.4
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15 Oct 2020 15 Oct 2020
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Choose one of the following civilizations (others cannot have customized Home Cities): British, Dutch, French, Germans, Ottomans, Portuguese, Russians or Spanish

After levelling your Home City in Multiplayer/Skirmish you will unlock points to customize the appearance of your Home City.

To boost this super fast I found the quickest way was to setup a Skirmish match (any rules/map/players etc)

Then when you are in the game use the cheat Nova & Orion roughly 5/10 times in a row. Then hit ESC and choose RESIGN, YES, ESC, RESTART then YES.

You will see in the popups on the bottom of the screen that your city has leveled up. You will slowly level up your Home City (mine was going 2 - 3 times at the later levels).

Keep doing this until your Home City is around level 60 and you should have enough Customization points to get every upgrade. If you don't, just rinse and repeat a few levels until you have enough.
ClassierPompanoYou need 61 points (I did it as Portuguese).
Posted by ClassierPompano on 16 Oct 20 at 00:05
jrod39You need 68 for the British. So definitely don't choose them over the Portuguese. :)
Posted by jrod39 on 16 Oct 20 at 01:19
Itzz Sh0wt1m363 for the Dutch, but wont pop😭
Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 16 Oct 20 at 12:25
NafrayuNox64 for French
Posted by NafrayuNox on 16 Oct 20 at 13:37
hi3gie12The Dutch popped for me perfectly fine
Posted by hi3gie12 on 16 Oct 20 at 13:53
Mr Durian CobraI believe Spainish is the fastest, around 55.
Posted by Mr Durian Cobra on 16 Oct 20 at 14:27
EmagDrolBotSpanish was 56. Unlocked fine. Thanks for the guide.
Posted by EmagDrolBot on 16 Oct 20 at 16:01
is that HydroConfirmed: Spanish at 56 would be ideal choice.
Posted by is that Hydro on 16 Oct 20 at 17:17
ScuzzyBunnyGermany might be the worst...79
Posted by ScuzzyBunny on 17 Oct 20 at 15:44
JJC1986did not unlock for me when I did British for some reason, however Spanish at 56 on second attempt worked.
Posted by JJC1986 on 17 Oct 20 at 16:46
JJC1986did not unlock for me when I did British for some reason, however Spanish at 56 on second attempt worked.
Posted by JJC1986 on 17 Oct 20 at 16:47
Dylan XBACould you make a macro for this and leave it running until you get the required level?

I’ve done it to level 16 and am already bored out of my mind.
Posted by Dylan XBA on 20 Oct 20 at 22:46
Jagd Gray WolfTo make it slightly faster, after you have finished entering the cheat code "nova & orion" highlight the entire word and then press control+V to copy it. You can then press enter and control v to type it out instantly.
Posted by Jagd Gray Wolf on 24 Oct 20 at 06:07
Mrs x TomahawkDutch worked fine : Level 64
Posted by Mrs x Tomahawk on 27 Oct 20 at 18:29
Mike LangloisYou only need to use Nova & Orion 3 times in a game, as it caps your in game experience at 30k. Thats according to the postgame xp screen.
Posted by Mike Langlois on 31 Oct 20 at 16:42
kiomxThis is really fast, ~23 games. I clocked one game at 15 seconds including ~2 seconds of loading, so ~6 minutes. I was using ctrl+v for nova and orion 3 times each time (XP is capped) - getting ~54,000xp per game. Your target is ~1.25 million if you play Spanish until lvl 56. Side note, if your copy/paste is not working, type in notepad (can use alt+tab to exit the game without closing), then ctrl+c; then you can use ctrl+v in aoe3
Posted by kiomx on 27 Nov 20 at 20:07