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Second Chances

Restore Evelin's memories

Second Chances-5.2
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20 Oct 2020 20 Oct 2020
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You will likely meet Evelin through normal play as she is standing right outside your apartment. To restore her memories, you will need to collect a total of 81 Punch Cards - the first of which, she tells you, is in your apartment. You can collect all of the cards except the one in the apartment at the very start of the game, but the achievement will not unlock until you
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Once you do this, just leave your apartment and talk with Evelin again.

I recommend ignoring the punch cards until you are told to go to your apartment and talk to Evelin. At this point, you can ignore the story (or not) and collect all of the punch cards, one map at a time. I recommend the following link for an overview of all the locations:

Cards are easily marked on your map (cn_left) by an icon that looks like a newspaper. These are items of interest and not all of them are punch cards. Just pick them all up until the map is cleared and move on to the next map location. Items that are in areas you cannot get to because they are blocked by a red or blue glowing barrier then these are NOT punch cards, so you can ignore them. In some cases, you will need to repair lifts to get to locations. If you are picking up all items as you clear maps then you should not need to worry about having the items you need for repairs.

NOTE: Auto-Resume on XBox seems to cause problems with the quest tracking in Cloudpunk. As a result, I was unable to complete this achievement the first time through. I went back for a second playthrough and collected them all in a single session without issues. I never turned off my Xbox during this, so just be aware that this may be a problem if you stop the game and continue while collecting the cards.
ElDylto1612Yeah I’ve completed the quest and the achievement didn’t pop, what a pain!
Posted by ElDylto1612 on 06 Nov 20 at 10:47
LyzyrdI reached out to the developer and they said there was a patch coming imminently that would address this issue.
Posted by Lyzyrd on 06 Nov 20 at 12:23
ElDylto1612Oh cheers mate!
Posted by ElDylto1612 on 10 Nov 20 at 03:14
DJ KaboomI played on Jan 2021 and it popped for me. PLEASE NOTE that you must talk to Evelin TWICE upon bringing her the last batch of cards: the first interaction thanks you for the task, but the second causes her to tell the full story of her memories, after which the achievement pops.
Posted by DJ Kaboom on 11 Jan at 00:52