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Gold Medal

Achieve a total rank of gold or higher in a full speedrun.

Gold Medal-34.4
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required
20 Oct 2020 30 Oct 2020
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You unlock speedrun mode after you beat the game once. Before you attempt this, go to settings and play around with screen shake and hit pause. I left hit pause at 50% and disabled screen shake completely. This is just for preference though, it has no bearing on completion times.

Afterwards, go back to the main menu and hit the speedrun button. This is the most important part. There are a few options you can enable/disable. Enable Action Only, disable Cutscenes, enable skip replay, show timer and death count. You can also change the swords (if you unlocked them). I played through with Master Sword. In think it's easily the best of them since the projectile usually hits enemies behind doors if you hit them open. It's also a massive help against the final boss since you can hit her with it while she charges her beam.

That's it for the settings.

There are no fixed times/deaths for gold medals, you just have to play through and get lucky at the end. All that counts is the amount of gold (or even better, platinum) medals you collect through the run. I believe the game averages out the medals at the end to give you the final score. I have no idea if the final time has any bearing on the final medal. These are the times I achieved for a gold run.

External image

Some random tips:

- You should take advantage of the fact that the first few levels are easy. Try to rush through with 0 deaths. I find that it's easiest to get a platinum medal for Factory, Hotel and Prison. This should give you some room to mess up later on.
- Try to use slow mo sparingly. The timer still moves at normal speed, even if you use slow mo so it's a huge waste of time. I only used it against shotgunners and the shield guys + against most bosses.
- Look at some speedruns on youtube. They usually have perfect routes and a few other tricks I didn't mention (small exploits to get a few seconds of advantage)
- All in all, dying doesn't matter too much. What's most important is completion time. Try to focus on that. Apparently deaths do matter when it comes to platinum medals. A platinum medal is only awarded for a gold time run + 0 deaths. There is still some room for mistakes though as you can see from my scores.
- Don't use the gimmick swords like claymore or phoenix. They are way too slow. Either use the standard katana or master sword. Master sword is identical to the katana and prism sword, only it fires a projectile that can kill any unarmored enemy. Try not to rely on it too much as it needs to recharge after firing.
- Try not to take it too seriously. It's incredibly easy to mess up during the final half of the game and even a small error can be enough to tilt you.

But above all: Good luck. I don't know why but the times to finish for gold medals are brutal and leave almost no room for error.
LxVaiNI don‘t dislike this guide but i disagree with one thing here.
- Deaths matter ALOT, espescially in short levels like Dragontape. So be sure to complete them with 0-3 deaths. In longer levels it‘s much more forgiving. You should still practice them to keep the count as low as possible.

The medal you get at the end is NOT an average of all medals. One run i finished with 4 platinum, 1 silver, 1 bronze and the rest gold and i still got silver in total. So bad medals are weighted much more!

Also for tips i used this guide by a speedrunner:
I didn‘t use every single strat he uses, because some of them are too inconsistent for me to pull off so i mixed in some of my own starts.
Posted by LxVaiN on 25 Oct 20 at 08:37
IHeartParamoreLxVaiN, if you scored exactly how you said you would have still averaged just under a gold medal.

If you treat play as being worth 4, gold as 3, silver as 2 and bronze as 1 you scored 34. Gold average would be 36.
Posted by IHeartParamore on 28 Oct 20 at 22:44
SSSteinManPlatinum is gold par time with zero deaths. That's how to get a platinum medal. Deaths does matter.
Posted by SSSteinMan on 29 Oct 20 at 09:43
KooshMooseJust for clarification, you can't go back and improve time for a particularly bad level? This has to be done in a single run with no do-overs?
Posted by KooshMoose on 30 Oct 20 at 15:03
Soulz1e@kooshmoose I am also looking for the same answer.
Posted by Soulz1e on 30 Oct 20 at 18:14
BudaNo, you can't go back and redo levels. It has to be a full speedrun.
Posted by Buda on 30 Oct 20 at 22:06
The S bot 9000Still working on getting better at this game but similar to what vain said: the threshold for each levels seems to vary quite a bit. On my last run i got 2 deaths on Factory and ended up getting only silver. Meanwhile I had 29 deaths on Mansion but still golded since my time was 5:58 (got caught in the V death loop at the beginning alot).

EDIT: Got this last week with 40 deaths and 2 silvers @ 27 minutes.
Posted by The S bot 9000 on 31 Oct 20 at 02:15
gettotehchopperI managed to finish this and wanted to add a few things:

- Practice each level separately till you can gold each (platinum if possible.)

- Get to the point where you can platinum the first 4 levels on the speedrun as this gives you alot more slack on the tougher levels.

- I personally found Studio and Mansion the hardest to consistently gold (longest levels also which probably doesn't help) but getting good at these are important as total time also plays a massive part in the overall grade.

- Learn the speedrun strategies. In the video posted by LxVaiN, including; start of Club time save/reset, bike resets in Mansion and room skips in Slaughterhouse, some of these are needed for gold times/and save TONS of time overall.

- I found as soon as I got a total time around 30 mins gold came, on my final run of getting it the only bronze I got was on Drug Tape and this was only around 30 secs slower than my gold time. On the reverse I wasted 90 secs on first V fight due to rushing and it leaked time on the whole run and I ended up with 32 mins and a sliver.

- Try not to get frustrated and rush. If you die and mess up a strategy, pause the game and take a 2 min break, otherwise you will start to rush and make even more mistakes.
Posted by gettotehchopper on 22 Nov 20 at 21:11
Matin MafiaI just unlocked this achievement. It was hard, yet so satisfying when you finally beat it! Thank you so much for the guide, it was really helpful.

@gettotehchopper I like to thank you too, your tios were really great and they helped me through my speedrun.
Posted by Matin Mafia on 07 Dec 20 at 17:32
DubstepEdgelordI swear the Sltr. house room skips don't work. EDIT: What I did wrong was trigger the camera in the first room which made the other cameras red.
Posted by DubstepEdgelord on 10 Jan at 17:46