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Watch the 100% bonus ending

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20 Oct 2020 20 Oct 2020
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For anyone wondering what you need to legitimately get for 100% (Either for pride or when the other method is patched). You do not need Perfect or Plat Relics. You will however need all N-verted gems as well as the normal & coloured ones of course.

I do believe you will also need to have unlocked and at least completed the Flashback tapes (although I am unable to verify this as I had already done them before going for gems).

Hope this helps for anyone at least wanting 100% even if 106% is a bit out of reach.
Darkpenguin67Hi, I confirm that you should finish the Flashback tapes for the 100%. I get the 100% after getting my last plat' Flashback tapes :)
Posted by Darkpenguin67 on 24 Nov 20 at 08:24
Tucky90@Darkpenguin67. Thanks, Before you got your last flashback plat, did you at least have them done?
Posted by Tucky90 on 24 Nov 20 at 14:48
Darkpenguin67No, when I made the flashback tapes I always finish them with the plat ^^
Posted by Darkpenguin67 on 26 Nov 20 at 08:14
Tucky90^^, Yeah same here, that is the one thing I can't confirm. Whether Plat is actually required or just completing them is enough.
Posted by Tucky90 on 26 Nov 20 at 08:45