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Pampered Pet

Equip a Collar on your Pet

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22 Oct 2020 29 Oct 2020
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Collars randomly drop throughout the game. I got my first one while doing the quest Trevail Betrayal.

As mentioned below by AllOvaMyself, there is a chance that the achievement won't pop when you put a collar on the pet, but will instead pop when a tag is added to the collar.
AllOvaMyselfThe achievement didn't pop for me when I put a collar on my pet, it popped when a tag was added to the collar. roll
Posted by AllOvaMyself on 29 Oct 20 at 21:28
DetectivBananasThanks for the info, I'll update the guide
Posted by DetectivBananas on 29 Oct 20 at 21:30
Iggsy81I think you can just buy it from the gambler at level 10 also
Posted by Iggsy81 on 19 Jan at 04:58