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Through the fire pipe

The first secret area in the game

Through the fire pipe0
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22 Oct 2020 22 Oct 2020
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- Within the first area of the game!

- Down the green pipe!

- After starting a new game, you'll end up going down into the green pipe/tunnel to find out what's going on,
continue forth down into the pipe, when you get to the point of interacting with a valve to stop the flame, you
will then want to make your way into that pipe and upon reaching the end, you will therefore unlock this

- Hope This Guide Helped You Unlocking This Achievement!
Da GermanProGreat solution!
Posted by Da GermanPro on 23 Oct 20 at 11:21
MandeauxYes went this way as well, you get rewarded +5 max health as well from the chest in here!
Posted by Mandeaux on 29 Oct 20 at 21:16
MandeauxThe second one is in the village, you will need to break down some planks in a doorway, get the golden trimmed barrel, follow the electricity line to some other planks, break them down, put the golden barrel on the button and walk back to see the metal door opened, another chess lies within with +25% sword range!
Posted by Mandeaux on 29 Oct 20 at 21:20
taximikeCan you come back to this area later?
Posted by taximike on 30 Nov 20 at 18:23