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Stirring Things Up

Behold the legendary flame tornado!

Stirring Things Up-0.6
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27 Oct 2020 27 Oct 2020
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Chapter 7 - Once you have completed the volcano reboot, it has erupted and you have returned to the hot sprin, leave via the South East ladder. When outside, open your map, select the volcano (big plus shaped map piece) and spin it. Easy.
Melomonster721Can this be done at the end when you have to
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Posted by Melomonster721 on 02 Nov 20 at 03:47
SweetNuclearPieI don't know unfortunatly. Sorry.
When you complete it in C.7, there is a small "cutscene" involving Thumbo(?) so my guess is it has to be done then.
Posted by SweetNuclearPie on 02 Nov 20 at 22:20
Darth StigiousJust tried it at the end, didn't work
Posted by Darth Stigious on 12 Nov 20 at 13:43
CheevohntingTo get this you need to go up the south east ladder then press y then spin the erupted volcano multiple times
Posted by Cheevohnting on 09 Dec 20 at 02:07
Huff t HedgehogJust in case anyone else thinks to try this after completing the story, it doesn't seem to work in 10-3. If you don't do this in your first play through, it looks like you have to do the whole chapter again.
Posted by Huff t Hedgehog on 12 Jan at 18:00