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Master Cartographer

Complete the game 100%.

Master Cartographer-1.6
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Coffee 46Coffee 46569,362
28 Oct 2020 01 Dec 2020
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This doesn't need to be completed on one save file. Using chapter select will unlock it once all other achievements are earned.

Edit: This may require being completed in one sitting without exiting the game.

As noted in the comments, the Hanoi puzzle completion is also required, if you're missing something try the puzzle again.
Mike LangloisWhat is required for 100%?
Posted by Mike Langlois on 28 Oct 20 at 09:04
Coffee 46Unlocking all achievements got this for me, not sure if its required to give the boat carving to the sailor on the iceberg.
Posted by Coffee 46 on 28 Oct 20 at 11:39
CreuilIt doesn't unlock for me. I restart a game from the beginning. I finished with 6 puzzle pieces, 4 fly papers, boots and amulet at the last save. Others items are required?
Posted by Creuil on 28 Oct 20 at 16:24
Coffee 46I believe all the achievements count towards progress for 100%, do you have all of them except this one? I went to the airship and read through all the concept art, but my achievement popped along with the one for reading all books which was my last achievement.
Posted by Coffee 46 on 28 Oct 20 at 16:36
CreuilYes it's my last achievement to get. Unlocked all others. Watched all concept arts, listen all musics.i really don't know what to do
Posted by Creuil on 28 Oct 20 at 16:47
Coffee 46I played through the game once, then used chapter select to get the secret achievements. I even deleted the chapter select saves afterwards, so my only saves when I got the achievement were my original run and one in the Chalet where I read my last book. It sounds like you've done everything I did, I'd try getting another secret puzzle piece, see if the saving mechanic will trigger the achievement.
Posted by Coffee 46 on 28 Oct 20 at 17:22
CreuilTried to get again another puzzle piece, read again books, cleared cache. But when I launch the game from dashboard, chapter select is disabled, i can't go in the airship. I have to reload my file and watch ending for enable chapter and airship. For now I'll take a break with this game and see if others people have this issue
Posted by Creuil on 28 Oct 20 at 18:13
Lildude3107I think you have to do 100% without exiting the game. Or if you have a saved game with x % finish that game because when you restart it wont give you the saved game and do the 100-x%
Posted by Lildude3107 on 28 Oct 20 at 18:25
Lildude3107It should pop if you do all achievements in one run. The problem is if you already done all achievements - how can you count
Posted by Lildude3107 on 28 Oct 20 at 18:26
Coffee 46I can confirm I did the whole game in one sitting without exiting.
Posted by Coffee 46 on 28 Oct 20 at 18:27
VaultDweller01I can confirm that it is NOT required to get all the achievements in a single playthrough. I did most of them through chapter select and this achievement unlocked when I did my last one (Towering Intellect for me).
Posted by VaultDweller01 on 28 Oct 20 at 19:22
Casino83It didn't unlock for me too. The Game has some serious post-game save issues on Xbox One. If you miss something after you complete the game and you redoing it via chapter select and you close the game and boot it up again it didn't even know you completed it. (No Capter select available) I had no problems on the Win 10 version of the Game, it unlocked for me WITH exiting the game multiple times.
Posted by Casino83 on 28 Oct 20 at 19:30
VaultDweller01Hmm. Now that I think about it, I did use chapter select, but I'm not sure if I ever actually exited the game or not.
Posted by VaultDweller01 on 28 Oct 20 at 19:40
Taipei KindomJust got it on my second playthrough, I think you must meet the all requirements of other 19 achievements in one sit, no matter you have some of the achievements unlocked or not. Save slot doesn't matter.
Posted by Taipei Kindom on 28 Oct 20 at 23:34
DragonlingI completed the game over the course of 2 days, definitely exiting in between. I unlocked all the achievements on that split run except for reading everything.
Used chapter select to go back through and re-read everything to get that to unlock which left me at 19/20 and scratching my head.

Clicked on the secrets menu option to revisit the airship and the 100% popped. Can't explain why, but success!

Too bad this achievement is glitchy as I otherwise really loved the game.
Posted by Dragonling on 29 Oct 20 at 06:15
CreuilI started my third playthrough until the end collecting everything but I didn't earn achievement. I did a mistake on Hanoi tower, so after the end, I retried Hanoi by chapter select. I perfectly did this this time and achievement was unlocked (visited airship before Hanoi retry).
Posted by Creuil on 29 Oct 20 at 07:12
apparatus25It may have glitched before but I did this over multiple days, quitting the game, and using the chapter select after completing the game.
Posted by apparatus25 on 29 Oct 20 at 23:13
FANCYI'm still having issues, I'm 19/20 on trophies, revisited the airship, went back and got my final puzzle piece and all books via chapter select. No pop. I even went back to my end game save file and finished the game twice again to see if that would work after getting all other achievements. Anyone have an idea on what to do? Really don't want to replay for this.

EDIT: tried a redo on the Hanoi puzzles, popped right after!
Posted by FANCY on 30 Oct 20 at 06:07
KriskiillsLol. I'm on second playthrough and chapter select and still can't get the books. So frustrating.
Posted by Kriskiills on 06 Nov 20 at 06:27
StaticHippoI can confirm FANCY’s post. Simply redo the Towering Intellect achievement after getting 19/20 achievements to get the Master Cartographer one.
Posted by StaticHippo on 23 Nov 20 at 00:08
AdeuszCan confirm Fancy post! That should be the solution here.
After you’re 19/20 on the achievements, just redo the Hanoi puzzle at 8/1.
Guide below:
CartoSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Carto worth 125 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
Posted by Adeusz on 29 Nov 20 at 16:41
chrisie81I got all 6 puzzle pieces in my playthrough only missed one book, got the book from chapter 8 using chapter select. Went through the end again nothing, did the tower puzzle again from chapter select and this triggered the final 100% achievement. I kept the save where the book achievement unlocked.
Posted by chrisie81 on 02 Dec 20 at 13:54
Drazer76Redid Hanoi puzzle. But it didn’t work.
Alas I’m still 19/20..
Posted by Drazer76 on 12 Dec 20 at 11:21
SKOOT2006Hanoi trick didn't work for me. Ugh
Posted by SKOOT2006 on 26 Dec 20 at 19:44