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Set Sail

Finish chapter 1.

Set Sail0
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1 - Walk north and pick up the map, open up your map, rotate the new piece and connect it to the top, and walk onto it to find a map piece
2 - Place the new piece, move your current tile so it's connected to it, go to the new piece, pick up a new map piece. Place that down it, and walk onto it
3 - Pick up a map piece, place it, walk onto it. Pick up a piece by water, place it next to the forest, walk onto it, and collect another piece
4 - Place this piece, talk to the man, move and rotate the piece so it's east of the house, and pick up the new piece near the new house
5 - Arrange the map so the new piece is connected to the other 2 forest tiles then talk to the boy near the forest and 2 new map pieces will appear
6 - Place the new pieces to form a large forest, go inside the new house, and inspect the shells on the wall to receive a map piece
7 - Connect the new tile to form a small lake, talk to the girl to obtain Shianan's Bag, walk along the grassy coast, and interact with a pile of dirt to collect some soil
8 - Talk to the girl again to get a map piece, place it on the map so the pier is facing north, walk there, talk to the bottom-right lady to receive a Boat Carving, and talk to Shianan. This will end the chapter.
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