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Talking Points: Name Check

Give a talk with the name of one of the players in the game in the title

Talking Points: Name Check-0.6
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28 Oct 2020 28 Oct 2020
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This achievement requires you to give a talk with one of the player's names in the title.

Open up 4 tabs in Google Chrome using the below method:

Click on the person image in the very top right of your browser. Go all the way down to "manage people" and click on it, then click on "add person" in the bottom right corner. Once you click it, click an image for them then click "save" in the bottom right corner. This will open a new pop up window for that person.

Join the game lobby with 4 tabs and start the game. You'll get to a point where you need to come up with 3 titles, and you can enter whatever you want. What I did was just enter one of the names of whoever was in the lobby in the 3 titles for all 4 tabs. Once it's time to choose the title of your topic, choose the title with the player's name in it. The achievement should unlock at the end of the game, regardless of whether you win or not.