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Complete the game 100%.

Master Cartographer-2.2
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28 Oct 2020 03 Nov 2020
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In order to do this you have to clear the game + the 6 puzzle pieces +the 2 extra achievements ( the books and the Hanoi tower ).

The bug that prevents the achievement to pop for a lot of people works like this:

When you exit the game you lose all your progress with the exception of saved games. What does that mean towards the achievement : if you had finished the game with all 6 puzzle pieces enter that save game and finish it again ( you now have the clearing the game + 6 puzzle pieces ); you still have the hanoi tower ( chapter 8-1) and the books, but for the books you will have to return to every chapter that includes the Chalet and read all the books plus Carto's book ( sometimes Carto's book must be read multiple times as it changes before and after the task in hand ).

So it isn't required to finish it in one sitting in theory, but i recommend that you do it without exiting the game. Took me around 2 hours.

A full and fast achievements guide in the video.

CreuilI started my third playthrough until the end collecting everything but I didn't earn achievement. I did a mistake on Hanoi tower, so after the end, I retried Hanoi by chapter select. I perfectly did this this time and achievement was unlocked (visited airship before Hanoi retry).
Posted by Creuil on 29 Oct 20 at 07:43
Calex dEUSOK I fucked this up on my first play through, had everything but no books or 100% achievements. Got the books via chapter select and accidentally deleted my end game save.

So stated again with a view to doing it in one run. Missed the puzzle piece on chapter 6 so called it a night at chapter 7 and saved and quit. Finished the game just now still no achievement. So what I did was stared another save at chapter 2 got the puzzle piece save and quit, went to chapter 4 did the books save and quit out and did this for every other book and puzzle piece, bit popped on a book in chapter 6 and I assume this is because I had already done chapters 7-10 in that session.

I was deleting the new save each time keeping the finished game safe so I could use chapter select.

So while doing it in one go is probably the way to go , fi you mess up just do as I did above. Hope that helps anyone else stuck.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 05 Nov 20 at 20:01
Matthew TwistI did not get all of the books on my first playthrough so re-did the Chalet chapters through Chapter Select. Once I received the achievement for reading all books, my 100% completion did not pop. I re-did Chapter 8 Chalet and worked through the steps to get the Tower of Hanoi puzzle in the minimum number of steps (even though I already had this achievement). Upon completion my 100% achievement popped.
Posted by Matthew Twist on 12 Nov 20 at 00:54
Soul UmbreonThe 100% bug happened to me while getting all the Chalet stories. Replaying ch8 to do the book stacking puzzle, I didn't bother to do the Hanoi puzzle correctly the 2nd time around (after already having the achievement) which I guess saves a state in the your save file saying "this player didn't do the puzzle properly." Just do the book stacking again.
Posted by Soul Umbreon on 12 Nov 20 at 06:18
AcaElic86How do you jump from chapter to chapter? When I start one and save the only thing I can do is continue from that point
Posted by AcaElic86 on 12 Nov 20 at 17:03
Lildude3107after you finish the game you will unlock he chapter selecting option
Posted by Lildude3107 on 12 Nov 20 at 18:58
Kaede393The glitch affect 3 achievements (Hanoi Tower, Voracious Reader, Visit the Airship) which prevent this final achievement to pop up. In order to get it right I had to replay chalet's chapters: 4-1, 6-1, 8-1, and 10-1, be aware to play Hanoi Tower correctly, and visit the Airship from main menu. You can Save & Exit and delete/create new files each time as long as you don't quit the game. It took me like 20 minutes.
Posted by Kaede393 on 14 Nov 20 at 11:52
Goots 88Did as Kaede mentioned, making sure I checked entry ledger every time. Funny enough decided to explore and opened up the “volcano with a view” book and it popped. I suggest checking each room per each chalet chapter.
Posted by Goots 88 on 17 Nov 20 at 17:51
LonesquiffBest done in one sitting. I've had this game glitch twice now. For me it has happened if the game is closed after unlocking level select. The airship option disappears and level select no longer is available.
Posted by Lonesquiff on 26 Nov 20 at 00:18
XonatronWas disappointing to unlock everything in the game to have this not unlock, even when I reloaded the last stage. The game is so pure and relaxing and its achievements do not match this purity, unfortunately.
Posted by Xonatron on 28 Nov 20 at 14:49
Raw Sauce RossMine was a silent pop, so I can’t say if it was reloading the game (last save file at end of game) or loading the airship a second time. I did it all in one sitting and took 4 hrs and 16 min If any one was looking for a more accurate time estimation.
Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 19 Dec 20 at 04:58
Singularity69Didn't work for me. I had done everything on one save, but I had missed a book somewhere. I used save slots 2 and 3 to cycle through the chalet chapters again. Popped the book related achievement and completed the chalet 10 puzzle. Saved and quit to menu. Started up the save with everything (barring book achievement) on it and played through to 'THE END'. Nothing popped.

Update: Ran through the entire game again in one sitting. Still nothing. Eventually, I just tried the Hanoi Tower challenge on a standalone save. The achievement popped immediately after getting the DING on the third stage of the challenge.
Posted by Singularity69 on 27 Dec 20 at 17:16
TreybleedSingularity's solution worked for me, extra note though... I had to do the Hanoi tower challenges in the minimum moves for each puzzle or it wouldn't pop! :) good luck
Posted by Treybleed on 30 Dec 20 at 18:59
Erathia96A new update came today and you no longer need to do everything on one save
Posted by Erathia96 on 05 Jan at 02:41
Cancerman1120To add to the update news. The achievement popped for me when I started the game on the home screen. I did try several times without luck to get it to pop before the update so you may still have some work to do if it does not pop.
Posted by Cancerman1120 on 06 Jan at 04:11
the Si1ver KingCan confirm; after having trouble with it originally, after reinstalling after the update the achievement now popped on open, even before the menu loaded.
Posted by the Si1ver King on 16 Jan at 04:30
Officiallynug89Extremely bad video guide. Skipped parts lead to serious frustration especially in the forest bit...
Posted by Officiallynug89 on 25 Jan at 01:06
RogueShadow80Interesting just logged in and this achievement popped wondering if they fixed allowing you to go back in episodes
Posted by RogueShadow80 on 26 Jan at 21:21
a Good GamertagI just completed this today after going back through episode select and mopping up my missed achievements. Definitely did not do in one sitting.
Posted by a Good Gamertag on 01 Mar at 19:56
SolidSnakeENAfter finishing the game and watching the credits you'll be redirected to the main menu, select "Secrets" from the menu and then there will be an option called "Airship". I selected it and it sent me to the Granny's Airship and the last two achievements popped up for me.

Can confirm you don't have to finish this game in one sitting.
Posted by SolidSnakeEN on 04 Mar at 00:21
TriggerMittAnother confirmation here of doing it in two sittings and getting all the achievements. Sitting 1: chapters 1-4, sitting 2: chapters 5-10, and everything unlocked fine.
Posted by TriggerMitt on 18 Mar at 17:12
segagamerIs it possible that they fixed / patched this by now?
Posted by segagamer yesterday at 14:08
X30 beoI just finished the game in several sessions with 1000G.
Posted by X30 beo yesterday at 21:40