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Dude, It's Like, Cannibalism

Hoagie eats a Hoagie

Dude, It's Like, Cannibalism-1.1
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29 Oct 2020 29 Oct 2020
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This one involves you doing nothing!
When playing as Hoagie, simply do nothing and he will eventually pull out a Hoagie Sandwich and start eating it.
It took around five minutes for me as he burps and scratches his stomach but it will eventually happen.
This is a miss-able achievement.
Reillyington86Extra note:- This has to be done BEFORE you go back to 'yesterday' at the end of the game.
Posted by Reillyington86 on 01 Nov 20 at 10:33
MadBunnyElite10 min in, not a lot of sandwiches are being eaten lol
Posted by MadBunnyElite on 04 Nov 20 at 00:29
MadBunnyEliteupdate: This took 18 min of being idle
Posted by MadBunnyElite on 04 Nov 20 at 00:40
Tendoman77Unlocked this the second Hoogie became playable for the first time and I switched to Bernard instantly. Guess I got too lucky lol.
Posted by Tendoman77 on 04 Nov 20 at 00:57
XBU PhilippeDude... A full 31 minutes of waiting... 😔
Posted by XBU Philippe on 06 Nov 20 at 22:16
Heptagrammaton9-10 minutes here so I guess it could have been worse. While I've taken the time to write out this comment Hoagie wolfed down another two hoagies just to spite me. Suddenly he's got an appetite. laugh
Posted by Heptagrammaton on 17 Nov 20 at 22:31
Legendkilla X32 mins......
Posted by Legendkilla X on 24 Nov 20 at 02:10
TheRyanGillamI seem to be bordering on an hour. Kinda scared to stop playing now. Been going on for so long it has to be just around the corner, RIGHT?
Posted by TheRyanGillam on 06 Dec 20 at 19:12
BrandonBZKFunny how I'm looking at every ones comments at how long it took them to wait and then BAM! Hoagie eating a hoagie. I'd say it took 5-10 minutes or so.
Posted by BrandonBZK on 08 Dec 20 at 06:05
DoomScottTimed it at between 2:30-3 minutes just now.
Posted by DoomScott on 24 Dec 20 at 07:48
HellAlex9217 minutes.

this must be a random time generated achievement. dunno why but yeah.. that kinda sucks :D
Posted by HellAlex92 on 30 Dec 20 at 20:17
Smoky BrennethI would assume that the idle animations are randomly drawn every so often. 15 minutes and counting 😅
Posted by Smoky Brenneth on 07 Jan at 21:18
RobEvoUKTook 15 minutes for me.
Posted by RobEvoUK on 11 Jan at 21:46
AzzyMahmoodLess than 60 seconds for me, lucky or what!
Posted by AzzyMahmood on 14 Jan at 14:12
SpeciallyTDerpTook me 20 mins.
Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 14 Jan at 20:30
xx ozed xxActually you don't have to wait for this achievement, you can play normalilly and it will eventually unlock itself. I got it when I stopped for 10 seconds or less.
Posted by xx ozed xx on 16 Jan at 05:30
WcG iFredy29This is just stupid, I waited a few minutes, moved my character, reloaded the last auto save and still waiting.. Just want to get on with the game!
Posted by WcG iFredy29 yesterday at 04:18