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Thank No Cats

Watch the bunnies overtake the credits

Thank No Cats-2.3
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30 Oct 2020 06 Nov 2020
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Once you arrive to the final cutscene DO NOT! skip. Leave your controller still or keep your finger off the B button if you can resist the skip temptation. And wait about 8 minutes (I suggest going to Walmart and buying a glass bottle Yoo-hoo that you can drink once you get to this final cutscene) once your achievement pops right before a bunny is even shown on screen you can skip. I might as well add that the “Full throttle unlock every achievement” will not unlock until you start a new game. After starting a new game the achievement should pop almost instantly as the beginning of the first cutscene starts playing. Thankyou member ShodanPT for alerting me that the achievement may not unlock if you move or press anything on your controller while playing. If you can make sure you save the game before the ending so you can resume from a non auto save. Auto saves seem to negate this achievement at least from what shodanpt claims. I’ll paste an important part of his comment here.
(5th try - loaded the last save (not the autosave) and played the final part and left the game running (disabled the idle screensaver option on the xbox), came back 15m and the achievement popped.)
ValeryuDidn't pop for me
Posted by Valeryu on 01 Nov 20 at 13:32
FaultyshadowThat sounds bad, are you sure it hasn't? If it gas make sure to let me know in the comments so I know if I should edit my solution.
Posted by Faultyshadow on 02 Nov 20 at 01:12
ShodanPTIt took me 5 tries to unlock this achievement.

1st try - accidentally skipped the credits by trying to "cancel" the xbox idle screensaver (don't touch your controller during the credits\cutscene).
2nd try - reloaded the autosave and left the game running, came back 15m later and the game was on the main menu but no achievement.
3rd try - same as 2nd, but watched the credits, midway it went to the main menu on its own.
4th try - quit game, started game again and loaded the autosave, left game running and came back after 15m, no achievement.
5th try - loaded the last save (not the autosave) and played the final part and left the game running (disabled the idle screensaver option on the xbox), came back 15m and the achievement popped.

If this achievement is glitching, try loading the last save instead of the autosave and let the creddits roll.
Posted by ShodanPT on 02 Nov 20 at 09:55
FaultyshadowThanks for the info ShodanPT, and I think it also has to do with the screensaver Xbox tint thing.
Posted by Faultyshadow on 02 Nov 20 at 20:56
x KiiNGPiN xYeah put shodan’s part 5 on the solution, had to do the same thing.
Posted by x KiiNGPiN x on 05 Nov 20 at 18:13
Mr SpinelesSThese comments freaked me out so I didn't touch my controller at all during the credits until I got the achievement. I was in screen saver mode at the time.
Posted by Mr SpinelesS on 08 Nov 20 at 09:16
FaultyshadowHmm so screensaver mode doesnt seem to matter, I wonder what's stopping it from popping for others.
Posted by Faultyshadow on 08 Nov 20 at 17:52
amokanerDuring the credits, the screensaver went on. Suddenly, the game went to the main menu. I pressed "resume" and the credits continued to roll. When the rabbits took over, the achievement popped.
Posted by amokaner on 08 Nov 20 at 19:46
neeker75@amokaner same
Posted by neeker75 on 10 Nov 20 at 01:35
jan0biSame for me as @amokaner
Posted by jan0bi on 11 Nov 20 at 22:22
FaultyshadowShould I put amokaners statement into the guide, because that sounds simple enough and like most people would accidentally do that anyways.
Posted by Faultyshadow on 12 Nov 20 at 02:00
Drazer76I was gonna say, yeah I just pressed B and carried on watching the credits.
Posted by Drazer76 on 14 Nov 20 at 11:50
Big EllI wiggled the analog sticks occasionally during the credits, no screensaver came up, and it popped just fine.
Posted by Big Ell on 25 Nov 20 at 08:04
USS PrometheusAs Big Ell above.
Posted by USS Prometheus on 31 Dec 20 at 13:34