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Dance, dance

Find room 302.

Dance, dance-35.0
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Niku no NioiNiku no Nioi2,677,245
02 Nov 2020 17 Oct 2021
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Be sure to do this IMMEDIATELY after finishing the 3 chapters, do not reload or quit your game until this is completed.

When you complete the third story, if you load or quit, the key will disappear. So you need to go to the bathroom as soon as the third story is complete in order to grab it

After completing all three chapters, you'll find a safe key in the bathroom sink where you picked up Lucy's jaw after finishing chapter 1. Leave the bathroom and turn left twice and open the door to the study room. The safe is on your left. Inside you'll find a note.

Head to the basement and go down the hallway behind the couch (opposite the TV, where you found the camera during Lucy's chapter). You'll see room 302 at the end of the hall, open up the door and you'll earn this achievement (and get a nice little spook).
MeteoricMabusI've completed the game (mirror mask and everything) and this key still won't spawn. Is there some event within the house that needs to happen?
Posted by MeteoricMabus on 21 Nov 20 at 19:47
Niku no NioiNot that I'm aware of. Maybe you need to try opening the door without the key first?
Posted by Niku no Nioi on 21 Nov 20 at 21:02
MeteoricMabusNo luck with that unfortunately cry
Posted by MeteoricMabus on 22 Nov 20 at 02:53
RebOrNx17Sorry voor de late reactie maar ik heb vernomen dat ze deze achievement uit de game hebben gehaald kan dat?
Bij mij spawnt die sleutel ook langs geen kanten
Ongeacht welke volgorde of weg van gamen die je doet...

Of heeft toevallig al iemand deze gevonden?
Posted by RebOrNx17 on 25 Mar 21 at 06:57
EpicSure ShotI think it’s from silent hill 4 the room
Posted by EpicSure Shot on 17 Jul 21 at 06:21
Posted by DoomScott on 15 Oct 21 at 16:03
SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛThe key doesn't spawn for me either
Posted by SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛ on 16 Oct 21 at 22:11
SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛWhen you complete the third story, if you load or quit, the key will disappear. So you need to go to the bathroom as soon as the third story is complete in order to grab it. Maybe you should add that to the solution.
Posted by SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛ on 17 Oct 21 at 10:04
Niku no NioiSolution updated, thank you my friend
Posted by Niku no Nioi on 17 Oct 21 at 11:40
SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛNo problem. I tested it. I didn't try to reload an in-chapter late auto save thought. This might debug it as well. Lots of ppl have this bug even on PS4.
Posted by SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛ on 17 Oct 21 at 12:55
iAFXiI've completed the first three chapters, I did not load or quit out, and I tried interacting with the safe first, still no key. :(
Posted by iAFXi on 21 Oct 21 at 13:52
Len lfcI had an opposite experience. I quit and reloaded into the game and the key was in the bathroom sink anyway. Achievement unlocked.
Posted by Len lfc on 27 Oct 21 at 18:19
Buachaill DonaI had trouble getting the key to spawn after beating all the chapters, I kept checking the bathroom as I ran around finishing other achievements but nothing. I read some people started a new game to complete this one, but luckily I had a manual save just before the end of Lucys chapter which was the last for me. I finished it by getting in the bath, once back in the bathroom after finishing it I ran down in to the living room then back up to the bathroom and the key was there. Hopefully this solution will help someone else too.
Posted by Buachaill Dona on 04 Nov 21 at 11:11
MasterCheeks117Something to note: by coincidence I did Lucy's chapter last and thus the jaw spawned in the sink where I already was. A few seconds after I picked it up, the key spawned spinning in the sink. Fear not
Posted by MasterCheeks117 on 06 Nov 21 at 05:35
MuffinHoarderLoaded latest save after doing all three endings. Key was in the sink first try.
Posted by MuffinHoarder on 26 Feb at 22:26
OrfeasDourvasWhat a bummer, I missed this one. Or rather, I never even got the chance to unlock it.
Bugged achievement, keep a manual save before you enter the water.
Posted by OrfeasDourvas on 01 Jun at 14:23
EarthboundXCompleted all three chapters, the key is not there in the bathroom.

Ok, reloaded an auto save before I finished Raken's chapter, booked it to the bathroom right after and the key was there this time. I went to the bathroom straight away, didn't even pick up the VHS tape that was on the floor after the third chapter ends.
Posted by EarthboundX on 23 Aug at 10:31
WNelGamingI finished the last chapter, saved and quit so I could make some food, then read this and panicked. Reloaded back into that save and the key was there luckily. Not sure what the requirements are for it to stay after quitting but commenting to say it doesn’t disappear 100% of the time.
Posted by WNelGaming on 25 Sep at 15:50
DubstepEdgelordI used the key on the safe and for whatever reason the safe didn't open, so i reloaded my last auto save and tried again and i grabbed the note through the safe and then it opened a second later.
Posted by DubstepEdgelord on 26 Sep at 21:23
TreflipvinnyI would just like to say that it wouldnt work till i switched to using my xbox one from my series x as i think the series x may load in to quick glitching the key
Posted by Treflipvinny on 27 Sep at 20:33
DmCTHREE6I would suggest not using the welsh hunter guide. He doesn't get the key after Lucy's chapter but instead grabs all the video tapes which glitches the key. I didn't realize there was a glitch until after it was too late. Otherwise, his guide is pretty good.
Posted by DmCTHREE6 on 28 Sep at 14:21
Angry Nick CageI’m sure Welsh Hunter will see this comment and definitely fix his guide, nice touch hiding it in somebody else’s solution.
Posted by Angry Nick Cage on 28 Sep at 14:35
jionekanjiI also followed the guide by Welsh Hunter - the key also glitched in my save slots and did not had earlier saves to revert back to. I think I tried everything to spawn the key but not having much luck - might have to run through the game again. That being said, his guide was very good!
Posted by jionekanji on 28 Sep at 19:25