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Everyone must survive

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02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020
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Saving all characters in Little Hope is a bit more complicated than simply keeping them alive in various scenarios against the Demons. All characters except Andrew have specific "traits" that determine whether they survive or die in the finale "Full Circle".

The most important decision lies in the finale "Full Circle" when deciding Mary's fate. Here's what you must do to convict Reverend Carver and save Mary:
- In the second visit to the Little Hope museum, pick up the Bible secret as Daniel/Taylor.
- During the finale as Andrew, pick "Enraged" and "Insistent"
Abraham will whisper something to Judge Wyman and Carver's Bible will be exposed to the court.

Here's a breakdown of overall actions and important choices to make per character:
The specific choices I list below (Where I mention MAKE SURE) appear to HEAVILY influence a character surviving or dying in the finale.

Taylor (Bearing: Team Taylor):
- Choose actions that lead Taylor to stick with the group and not strike off on her own
- Taylor must survive her encounters with her Demon, hit the QTE's to make sure this happens.
- In "Reflections" when Taylor is fighting off her Demon, MAKE SURE you pick "Heroic" when Daniel attempts to help

Daniel (Bearing: Home Grown Hero):
- Choose actions that lead Daniel to be more heroic, such as picking up the knife in the museum, standing up for Taylor and others and actively helping fight Demons
- Daniel must must survive his encounters with his Demon, hit the QTE's to make sure this happens.
- In "Ruined" when Daniel is being pulled up by Andrew with the pipe MAKE SURE you pick "Reassuring"

Angela (Bearing: Deeper Understanding):
- Choose actions that lead Angela to be more understanding of the others, being nicer to others
- Angela must survive her encounters with her Demon, hit the QTE's to make sure this happens. Make sure to help Angela over John as Andrew when you first encounter Angela's Demon on the shore underneath the bridge. Make sure to help Angela as John in "Heavy Burden" when given the option to "Help" or "Run".
- In "Heavy Burden" when hurrying John along as the Demons appear MAKE SURE you pick "Reassuring"

John (Bearing: Authority Figure):
- Choose actions that lead John to be the leader of the group, such as taking point on the ruined bridge, and confronting Mary on the covered bridge
- John must survive his encounter with his Demon in "Heavy Burden", hit the QTE's to make sure this happens.
- In "Heavy Burden" when blocking the door from his Demon, MAKE SURE you pick "Heroic"

Andrew (Bearings: Lost, Tools for Survival):
- Choose actions that lead the entire cast to be nice to Vince, such as not accepting the drink in the bar, not shooting the Demon behind Vince in "Surrounded", hitting the QTE's and Heartbeat minigames when the group mistake Vince for a Demon, and convincing Vince to try and get help at the Church doors. If Vince thinks Andrew is crazy he will have Andrew arrested at the end of the game.
- As long as you finish the game with another survivor other than Andrew, having the gun at the ending does not influence Andrew's death.

The achievement will pop after the House of Ashes teaser.

Comment if I have missed something crucial so I can amend this solution.
DucayneThanks for the guide!

Has anyone tried to save scum to get some of the other ending achievements?
Posted by Ducayne on 03 Nov 20 at 04:50
EnfusionsAbsolutely can, my other solutions I posted for the other endings were adapted from my playthrough where I saved everyone, usually starting at "Reflections" which isnt very far from the end of the game.
Posted by Enfusions on 03 Nov 20 at 07:08
Eds Killerbox 7I actually got this one on my first playthrough. One thing I'm trying to understand....when you save Mary, she'll hug Andrew saying"I'll never forget you all my days, you saved me" to which Andrew replies "but I didn't save you" As the house fire is in the future, I take he means that. The curator says in the beginning " the fires already happened...or has it?" It seems there should be a way to save characters future pain. For if that's what you're supposed to have done, why does Andrew always say "but I didn't save you" this intrigues me..I feel you should be able to stop him saying this.
Posted by Eds Killerbox 7 on 07 Nov 20 at 07:09
V1 Rage
not shooting the Demon behind Vince in "Surrounded"
The Surrounded scene starts immediately after this; Vince is already angry at the start of this scene if you shot the demon near him.
The scene where you bump in to Vince running towards the church and have a chance to shoot at Taylor's demon is at the end of Pursued.
Posted by V1 Rage on 20 Dec 20 at 18:50