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DedSec Delivery

Complete 20 Parcel Fox Delivery Missions

DedSec Delivery-4.8
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02 Nov 2020 05 Nov 2020
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This one is pretty simple but will take a little time, here is how to speed it up.

When you go to a parcel fox delivery, there will be 3 options with 3 tiers of difficutly on the top of each delivery. the first one is a timer, the lower the bar is, the longer you have. the second one is sort of a trophy with a scratch on it. If the bar is not full at all, you can crash all you like and it wont affect your outcome, but depending on how high the bar is, is how fragile it will be so if you crash the percentage of the item will go down and your could fail if it gets to 0%, Finally is the upward arrow, which is the police. If it is not filled you will have no cops on you, if it is full you will.

I would recommend you find one that is less than 1000m away to make it faster, find one with no cops and honestly time and the fragleness doesnt matter since it will be less then 1000m away and if you careful, you should be fine. If you go to a parcel fox location and you dont find one you like, simpily exit out and go back in and it will refresh. Also I recommend right when you start the parcel fox mission to set a waypoint to the location because it will not do it for you.

*If you need to track how many parcel fox deliveries you have, go to Ubisoft Connect ->Stats and then scroll down to Parcel Fox Packages Delivered
LorneI’ve done near enough 40 of these missions and it has not unlocked for me.

I believe this to be buggy or there are very specific requirements to get this achievement, I.e. one operative does all 20, must be done in one session, only a certain type of delivery, certain type of vehicle, etc.
Posted by Lorne on 02 Nov 20 at 20:49
Aaron844I would try it with just one character, i've seen alot of guides saying that
Posted by Aaron844 on 03 Nov 20 at 22:22
Dale BaldwinThis unlocked fine for me as soon as I hit 20 packages, as tracked by the stats section of Ubisoft Connect. I didn't have to use one character (same with all the other achievements that suggest one character is needed). I suspect Ubi's tracking is just a bit screwy for some people.
Posted by Dale Baldwin on 05 Nov 20 at 00:45
Lorne@Dale Baldwin THANK YOU for telling me you can track it. I was curious as to why after so many Ubi games track their stats in game, this one breaks the tradition and forces you go to an external app to check it. Did they learn nothing from Destiny's example of Grimoire cards and lore outside of the game?

So yes, it says I've done 16, when I've done now nearly 55-60 of them. So eventually this game will recognize that i've done it or I have to do another 10 to have 4 count.

This should be noted in the guide to where to check your stats.
Posted by Lorne on 05 Nov 20 at 16:53
LavindatharI had to do 20 with one character in one sitting, and it popped bang on 20. All previous ones I had done with another character didn’t count (I’d done 4 or 5 previously with various characters).
Posted by Lavindathar on 06 Nov 20 at 07:40
halopotato1@Lorne I'm with you I'm at exactly 16 too. I've done about 20 today alone its not updating it. How fricken frustrating.
Posted by halopotato1 on 07 Nov 20 at 02:23
Lorne@halopotato1 I do one before every mission and one after every mission. I probably have 70-90 done by now but still only 16 have counted.

This game is absolutely broken.
Posted by Lorne on 07 Nov 20 at 08:57
V1 RageThis seemed to be impossible after a few attempts, as something about doing several delivery missions in a row seems to trigger the game to crash... But 20 delivery missions in a row with 3 crashes between them still unlocked it for me.
I suggest always pick the nearest destination for less chance of a crash.
Posted by V1 Rage on 08 Nov 20 at 17:32
The Stig VICan confirm that it doesn’t matter how many characters you attempt this with. It also doesn’t matter if the game crashes, just completed it over 3 characters and 2 crashes in about 45 mins or so.
Posted by The Stig VI on 09 Nov 20 at 19:38
Be5tInTheWorldBeen stuck at 8 for two days now but I've done at least 30 total. So this achievement is quite buggy.
Posted by Be5tInTheWorld on 18 Nov 20 at 05:43
Wingnut da CatAlso note that the "Stats" are no longer available, because Ubi's "Connect" bug kept it from counting things. For example, I got the 15 relics achievement while the "Connect" failure kept going and going, but when it went live shortly after that, the "Stats" kept showing I only had 11. It even stayed at 11 after I collected more relics than the 15 needed for the achievement. So now, "Stats" are gone, and of course, Ubi doesn't allow you to track your achievements progress either. I guess tracking statistics are harder than one thought (ask Rudy about that issue, too).
Posted by Wingnut da Cat on 21 Nov 20 at 21:51
BlitzSparkzOkay so originally I wanted to add my findings regarding this achievement but apparently, I got a silent unlocked(unlocked silently without pop-up) so I don't think my findings will serve well. However, I can use my unlocked timing as a reference(thanks to this website). In total, I think I did around 45 times because I died twice and didn't know I unlocked this achievement. Also, I noticed that I don't have 3 bars delivery for some reason. Maximum is 2 bars for me.

-You need to use the same character(I don't know about the same car but I did use the same car).
-You can't die obviously as you will switch characters so like the guides above, choose the one without the police chasing you(the right icon).
-You can do halfway, close the game and continue the next day.
-Failing a delivery shouldn't reset the achievement.
-You should try to count yourself as the Ubisoft connect doesn't always update.

Lastly, if you know that you did 20, try checking your achievement. I grinded an extra 1 hour because it silently unlocked and I didn't know about it. I also noticed that the requirements for this achievement is different for everyone because it's buggy so whatever I wrote might or might not apply to you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Posted by BlitzSparkz on 13 Dec 20 at 06:08
C3HJWeeks ago I did 10 deliveries separate from each other using multiple characters and dying multiple times, and got 50% progress for this achievement. I then played on the new Xbox Series X.

Now weeks later, I want to finish this achievement, but the progress isn't advancing anymore. Ubisoft Connect says I have finished 12 deliveries, but the achievement progress still says 50% (= 10 deliveries). I now play on the old Xbox One X.

Did Ubisoft change the requirements or something?

Edit: After a while, even in Ubisoft Connect the Parcel Fox deliveries counter was stuck at 15. However, after some more deliveries I still got the achievement (even though Ubisoft Club says I did 19). But well, achievement completed.
Posted by C3HJ on 25 Dec 20 at 14:12
ExesIV36I did this with the Getaway driver. Pick the deliveries that are less than 1000m and use the provided Getaway driver car. Did this less than 45 mins.
Posted by ExesIV36 on 03 Jan at 20:08
LordBunnyHunterJanuary 2021 and still very buggy. I've done way more than 20 across multiple characters. Ubi Connect is not up to date.
Unbelievable that they can't get these things right.
It may be that Xbox's quick resume can be a problem as I always lose connection when I resume this way. But it shouldn't be..honestly.
Posted by LordBunnyHunter on 05 Jan at 18:30
St Helens RLFCI've just unlocked this using the spy (Yuting Mok)

You get her through missions

Also a getaway driver is also great to use (Michael Prasanna) also mission based

I never used the moped/scooter that were next to the delivery locations, I used the characters own car

Hopefully this helps you guys that it's being buggy with
Posted by St Helens RLFC on 08 Jan at 22:57