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Movie lover

Watching all cinematics, including the credits, without skipping

Movie lover-1.8
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Oh My CupcakesOh My Cupcakes195,009
02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020
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This is very simple, however some people have problems with the cutscenes skipping because they accidentally hit the A button.

When the loading screen is finished loading, you are prompted to hit any button to continue, press any button but A (I repeat DON’T PRESS A), some people reported that they accidentally hit the A button twice and it causes the cutscene to skip, hence why not a lot of people have this achievement.

This also goes for the dialogue in the game, don’t not skip it cause it counts as a cutscene.

Achievement will unlock before or after the credits. For me it unlocked before the credits started.
Clad masterWhy i read this AFTER finishing the game ? I don't wanna see all cutscenes again cry
I certainly missed one because i paused during a cutscene and used A to go back to the game.

Why the devs made this ? It's definitely stupid to skip everything with this button...
Posted by Clad master on 12 Nov 20 at 18:06
Funky MonkeeThere are times when an autosave is before a cutscene, meaning if you die you need to rewatch it (I presume). I of course didnt think about this, so I'll need to watch through every single excruciating cutscene again lol
Posted by Funky Monkee on 28 Nov 20 at 13:26
Funky MonkeeSo my second playthrough, where I made sure not to skip anything, the achievement actually unlocked after I saved Ashman (last time I killed him). This may mean the decision at the end of the game leads to a new cutscene required for this achievement.

I expected it to unlock after the credits, but these results suggest that which cutscenes you've watched carry across saves; ultimately, if you accidentally skip a cutscene, the achievement should unlock once you watch the one you skipped, on a new playthrough.
Posted by Funky Monkee on 30 Nov 20 at 19:22