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I Know a Few Maneuvers

Destroyed 10 starfighters while drifting in Dogfight.

I Know a Few Maneuvers-12.8
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02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020
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BulkGalaxy's guide is great, though I suspect that there was a stealth nerf to the seeker mines. The indicator for when a mine is tracking lags now, so in my experience you can no longer use it to tell when to start drifting.

I've found that jousting can be a useful tactic. Head straight at an enemy unloading lasers to weaken it, drop a mine with enough time for it to arm and then peel away to immediately start drifting. The enemy will head straight into the mine for the kill. I got my last three that way.

Missiles are OK, but players are much better at evading now so more often than not you'll just get a little damage and, because you've started drifting, lost the target...very frustrating. And I've never gotten single kill with cluster-missiles.

Happy hunting!