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The Path of Glory

Reach question 10 in normal mode

The Path of Glory0
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The DethdefyerThe Dethdefyer267,306
03 Nov 2020 03 Nov 2020
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This is a fairly straight-forward achievement.

From the main menu, click "Play" > "Solo" > "Normal" > "Next". Then select your character and begin the game. The first five questions are the easy ones and even if you are unsure it is usually pretty obvious what the answer is by the options you are given. Answer these correctly and you will earn the "A Good Start" achievement.

After these, there are five more questions which take you up to the 32,000 mark, which get progressively more difficult. Answer these questions correctly and you will earn the "The Path of Glory" achievement.

If you are struggling with any of the questions, don't forget you have your four lifelines to help you. You can also search for the answer on the internet if you have a computer to hand but you will have to be fast due to the timer.