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The book is much better than the movie.

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Choose Quest

Progress through the Dungeon and Village until you get to the Wastelands. Go through these until you get to the Tower, approach it and enter it. This is RNG, but eventually you'll get an option for Library. This part is all RNG related, but you want to Search until you get the books Adventure Book, Cook Book, and Diary. If you get any other book just throw it away and keep staying in the library.

If you get the Diary first, I recommend looking at the achievement guide I posted for Dad to unlock that achievement first. If you already have it, throw the diary away for the next book.

The Cook Book you can just read through a few pages and throw it away. When you get the Adventure Book, follow these steps:
Completed or Finished, it doesn't matter which
ElliotStoneJust to add that the Adventure Book only appears after you inspect 'Book'

So Throw Cookbook & Ignore Diary, If you get book click inspect then Read, Cross, Completed or Finished.
Posted by ElliotStone on 17 Jan at 12:06