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One With the Woods

Finish chapter 6.

One With the Woods-0.4
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Walk to the map piece with the house on it to be reunited with a friend. Make sure when here to read any books you see for the achievement:

CartoSecret AchievementxJOLOx ttvThe Secret Achievement achievement in Carto worth 128 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

There's a book on the table to your left - "The Little Cartographer". Go up the stairs and read "Horror at the Story Chalet" also on your left. Head into the room to the right and read "The Water Seekers", head back to the left room. Re-arrange your map to look like the image below to create two new map pieces. You want to have the ruins room (the one you should be stood in), then underneath this the cactus room, and under this the room with the 5 dashes on it (this is referring to the little circular icons in the corner of the map pieces).

External image

Head left. Read the three books here:

Chirb, The 26th Watcher.
Root Routes, and
Lempa, The 255th Watcher

Head into the right most room and have a short cut scene. Read:

Volcano Calendar

Talk to Shianan, head back to the middle map piece. Move this piece above the piece with the three door icons. Head down stairs. Read the book on the left table again (The Little Cartographer). This will be the second reading, but you need to read it again. Head into the mound piece.

Move the map piece you're on onto the large map piece with the X on it and the Vulture. Head North and speak to the man dressed as a fox. Talk to the man under the Vulture.

Head to the very top North East corner and find a map piece hidden between the trees. Place this down next to you and head over to it. Talk to Chirb who will give you a picture.

Open your map and look at the map pieces. One of them will have a brown tree on and white flashing squiggly lines appear around it. You need this map piece. Connect it near you and enter the map piece. Interact with the back of the tree.

Attach the campfire map piece so it's accessible to you, head to it and talk to the bear, he'll remove the branches from the back of the tree and you'll automatically enter a cave.

Attach the map piece with the hole on it that isn't coloured (apologies I missed my opportunity to screen shot this). You'll arrive at a new location. Rearrange your map to look like the image below and a new peice will appear (NOTE: I'm not sure if it's a requirement to light all of the wall lights here. I did, but you may not need to).

EDIT: Thanks to TheOtherBarber for confirming you do need to light all the unlit torches, and place the original torch back in its holder to continue.

External image

(If you have trouble getting the new map piece at the top to appear, swap the bottom two pieces around and rotate them to connect)

Head down the hole at the end and this will be the end of chapter 6.
G Acute Gthanks for writing these. I got stuck and when I checked (last night) You hadn't written a guide. from someone whose IQ is less than 10 this is really helpful
Posted by G Acute G on 06 Nov 20 at 20:17
TheOtherBarberFor the last part, with the Torches, I had to light all the torches and put the original one back in its' holder before the new piece appeared.
Posted by TheOtherBarber on 10 Nov 20 at 20:57
xJOLOx ttvOoh! Thanks for the confirmation. I'll update the solution. I did that just naturally and then though "ah crap, what if you needed to do that".
Posted by xJOLOx ttv on 11 Nov 20 at 09:36