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The Knowledge Master

Answer more than 1000 questions correctly

The Knowledge Master-3.8
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liner bronsonliner bronson878,216
07 Nov 2020 07 Nov 2020
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The quickest way to rack up answers is to choose the family mode from the main menu. This allows you to play all of the characters in the game against one another using the same controller.

I would suggest picking 10 as the number of characters, set the first one’s difficulty to easy and then spam A for the remaining characters as their difficulty will default to this. Everyone then gets their own question at each level, with the game going on until only 1 person is left. This means that you will get 50 relatively easy questions to reach 1k for each character. Obviously spam A in between answering to speed the process up.

The tracker doesn’t work for this achievement but this game mode helpfully gives you a tally of right answers for each character at the end of the game enabling you to keep track of your progress should you wish to do so.
vG x MadnessAlso for the questions you dont know the answer to take a guess its a 25% chance of it being correct and if not use muscle memory to get the right answer on the next game i was getting to question 10 with all characters doing this = 100 correct answers per game average =) 0
Posted by vG x Madness on 28 Jan at 02:04
weffalumpAlso, if you're lazy like me and have access to a turbo controller (I used a PXN 0082 Arcade Stick), you can just start up family mode and leave it turboing the a button whilst you sleep. It took me about 15 hours of turboing to reach 1000 correct answers.
Posted by weffalump on 14 Feb at 02:30
RossaIt does not take long for the game to repeat questions, so getting over 50 gets easier every time
Posted by Rossa on 27 Apr at 21:46