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Successfully bluff on a Wild Draw Four twice in the same game.

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Unholy DeathbatUnholy Deathbat127,796
04 Mar 2009 04 Mar 2009
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Bluff is easier to get than it sounds.Just go to single player game then go to house rules and pick which ever deck you play with since there is DLC you can have different Uno decks but lets continue.Once you are where you change the rules make the scoring type running make the game score to 1000 and turn bluffing on .After you have completed this go to standard Uno pick the deck you customized the play two wild draw four cards and bluff on them.You should get this by the end of the 1000 points depending on the computer and your draws.Also to bluff on a wild draw for you must have the same color card as the last card thrown on the pile.So example if its your turn and on the discard pile is a yellow and you have a yellow card in your hand to bluff don't play the yellow card you have play the wild draw 4 card and if no one challenges 2 after doing this you will receive this achievement.