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Mountain King's Garb

Equip Mountain King's set

Mountain King's Garb+58.5
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08 Nov 2020 20 Nov 2020
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The Mountain King's set is an armor set specific to the Forged. The set consists of six armor pieces: head, chest, hatch (legs), shoulders, gloves, locomotion (boots), that must be equipped at the same time. It is unlikely you will acquire a full set prior to finishing the game or reaching level sixty. Farming levels in Fazeer's Dun'djinn (the end game) that give a +50% gear luck modifier will be your best bet in finishing up the set. Set pieces can be acquired through the gambler.
TrueWickedoneThe forged has no legs or boots. Locomotion and hatch maybe? Rather than copy and paste your solutions, it would help if the information was a little more accurate.
Posted by TrueWickedone on 18 Nov 20 at 03:43
MortilectUpdated. Originally wanted to use terms that would be familiar to anyone that has picked up a dungeon crawler to mitigate any confusion.
Posted by Mortilect on 20 Nov 20 at 02:47