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Spare Some Change for Gas?

Drive 10,000 miles

Spare Some Change for Gas?-15.6
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08 Nov 2020 17 Nov 2020
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UPDATE: As of November 17th, 2020, Codemasters has reduced the requirement from 10,000 miles to 1,000 miles.

After completing all other achievements, around 6-8 hours of additional grinding may be required. The original solution is listed below for the "True Achievements 10k 2" Playground track.


I have created a Playground to aid with this grueling achievement. Good news, the achievement can be grinded by simply using a wrench or rubber band (or other household item) to wedge your cn_RT down, and the car will rack up miles by itself. Just make sure to have the controller plugged in so it doesn't turn off.

The track is called "True Achievements 10k 2". Go to PLAYGROUND, then DISCOVER, then hit cn_RB to SEARCH. Type in the name, select the track, and then drive off the starting platform into the narrow corridor below. The walls do all the work. No steering required.

Some caveats:

- A session only lasts for 60 minutes. Right now, there seems to be no way around this.
- The session must end, but you don't have to go through the FINISH platform. Driving until the 60 minutes run out is fine.
- Achievement progress only updates after the session is over.
- Testing your own playground does provide infinite time, but mileage doesn't seem to track. It has to be a race/event session.

The track requires the Subaru Impreza RX car. The car will slow down to 45-50mph in the corners, then accelerate to 105-110mph down the straights. It is recommended that you save this achievement until last, as completing the career will provide 40-50% progress.
mike1809I've just tried this and it works really well. I'm using a play and charge kit to stop my controller shutting off and I've also turned off the vibration to stop my controller rattling when I put it down. The car can sometimes roll onto its side and get stuck so best to check on it every so often.

Thanks for creating the track and posting this solution toast
Posted by mike1809 on 08 Nov 20 at 23:48
HomelyBumRocketI've never encountered the car rolling over, so I'll have to look into that. It's sometimes unpredictable with how it bounces off the corner walls.
Posted by HomelyBumRocket on 09 Nov 20 at 00:01
mike1809It only happened once and that was about 2 minutes after I started using the track for the first time. It's never happened again so maybe I was just unlucky.
Posted by mike1809 on 09 Nov 20 at 00:05
iTz CRUSHERGood track. Problem is the game froze on me twice. At 7 min and 53 min. No progress
Posted by iTz CRUSHER on 09 Nov 20 at 01:33
QuiggzoHmm, I tried this last night, it works, I had my progress go up by 1% for 60mins.
This ones going to be a super grind, shame it’s 60mins not unlimited.
Posted by Quiggzo on 09 Nov 20 at 20:57
Mike Tyson USAThanks for great track , it works fine😎🏎
Posted by Mike Tyson USA on 10 Nov 20 at 09:16
VrruummI kept getting stuck on your circuit. I am probably going to stick with the Arizona oval. Up to 18% right now just doing that 2-4x/day, about 3%/day.
Posted by Vrruumm on 11 Nov 20 at 00:25
HomelyBumRocketHey all, I published an alternate version of the track with the Subaru, which doesn't have a tendency to get airborne.
Posted by HomelyBumRocket on 11 Nov 20 at 22:34
GreatSheldon"We are also making a change to the ‘Spare Some Change for Gas?’ achievement – players will now have to drive or 1,000 miles, not 10,000, to complete it. This change will take effect on consoles in their next patch!"
Posted by GreatSheldon on 12 Nov 20 at 14:54
FireWheels58The change will be retroactive too, so if you've done 1k already, it will unlock automatically
Posted by FireWheels58 on 12 Nov 20 at 15:16
HomelyBumRocketWow, I'm shocked! Uh thanks Codemasters.
Posted by HomelyBumRocket on 12 Nov 20 at 16:24
PJTierneyYour guide will still help, we just have to drive 90% less that's all :)
Posted by PJTierney on 12 Nov 20 at 17:07
Posted by TheLethalApple on 12 Nov 20 at 20:51
SiegfriedXNice. Gonna buy the game now just because of this move. Gotta support devs that care about the achievement community and are not afraid to go back when they create something pointless.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 13 Nov 20 at 19:38
Clad masterAny date for the patch ? :)
Posted by Clad master on 15 Nov 20 at 11:51
SOULcr3wdYomamI think patches come out on Tuesdays normally? No update off devs yet
Posted by SOULcr3wdYomam on 16 Nov 20 at 13:27
Clad masterI just sold my game on Ebay,goodbye completion cry
Posted by Clad master on 16 Nov 20 at 13:42
SchinderdivNOVEMBER 16, 2020 - Xbox, PlayStation
(Released and live on PlayStation platforms; rolling out imminently on Xbox platforms)

Probably Tuesday as stated above.
Posted by Schinderdiv on 16 Nov 20 at 20:58
x brucey auSeeing those patchnotes makes me very happy hahaha
Posted by x brucey au on 17 Nov 20 at 00:44
Baldy892GB update tracking updates after one race, didn’t have enough miles to see if pop straight away
Posted by Baldy89 on 17 Nov 20 at 11:47
FireWheels58Just a note that if you've already done 1k miles, it won't unlock automatically. Completing an event, such as a simple playgrounds gate crasher event should do it
Posted by FireWheels58 on 17 Nov 20 at 19:54
IIIDarkmasterIIWhat a f...... bs tracker stoped at 79%
Posted by IIIDarkmasterII on 17 Nov 20 at 21:43
CG I PsychoHey guys,

I started this map, I drive 20mins and go in the finish so I Look, I have 50% progress.

I start again and drive 20min again.
I drive in the finish and I have 5% more. Why? What I make wrong?
Posted by CG I Psycho on 18 Nov 20 at 09:07
HomelyBumRocketThat sounds right.

After completing it the first time, the achievement updated to show your progress toward 1,000 miles instead of 10,000, giving you a big boost.

If you're around 50%, you'll have to play it for several more hours.
Posted by HomelyBumRocket on 18 Nov 20 at 15:32
IIIDarkmasterIIThats what i did still stuck at 79 %for me
Posted by IIIDarkmasterII on 18 Nov 20 at 18:16
MrEvanPayneGuys, how much of the progress we achieve after finishing the career, i mean for new 1000 miles. How much grind does it need?
Posted by MrEvanPayne on 19 Nov 20 at 09:48
HomelyBumRocketYou'll probably get 40-50% or thereabouts. Doing the method in the guide would take 6-8 hours from there.
Posted by HomelyBumRocket on 19 Nov 20 at 15:56
DMpmp13My tracker stopped around 56% not sure if the miles are still counting.
Posted by DMpmp13 on 24 Nov 20 at 16:55
NoHeroes94Spoke to customer support, and they are aware of the tracking issue for this achievement, will be fixed:

"Thank you for your email, the development team are already investigating reports of this issue and we aim to provide fixes for any issues that we find in the game and that we can replicate here within our testing team.

The next update to the game is due shortly.

Hope this helps."
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 26 Nov 20 at 09:34
NoHeroes94There is a workaround for the tracking achievement, but it's convoluted.

I played the game entirely on Xbox Series X until my tracking froze. Nothing was working on there (hard resets, uninstalls, etc.), so I installed Dirt 5 on my Xbox One X and naturally re-synced my save up and after running the playground for a full hour it went up 1% (odd, but still progress) . From then on, it went back to the usual 7-8% and unlocked the achievement.

Probably linked more to syncing my save than the console change. If you're feeling okay taking the risk (don't think there will be DLC for this), delete your console save (ONLY console save, not all saves) and then open Dirt 5 to resync your save.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 27 Nov 20 at 00:04
Danny EightYou sir are a legend, will be using this when I've done all the other achievements.
Posted by Danny Eight on 27 Nov 20 at 10:08
ElSelchoThis is great and absolutely as the devs intended :D
Info: I just completed everything else in the game and finished with 46% progress towards the 1000 miles.
Posted by ElSelcho on 27 Nov 20 at 20:34
IIIDarkmasterIIThx NoHeroes94 worked great 😎
Posted by IIIDarkmasterII on 28 Nov 20 at 00:08
Maka91If you are interested in resyncing your save the easiest possible way, the best course of action of to redownload your profile to you Xbox.

I've tried just about everything, but still seem to be stuck at 98%. :/
Posted by Maka91 on 28 Nov 20 at 07:41
Don NielsonMine is stuck at 57% shock. Resyncing my save didn't help. I guess Dirt 5 just ruined my perfect 100% games completion angry

EDIT: Deleting my save and retrying True Achievements 10k 2 didn't work for me. The progress wouldn't go up. I tried deleting my save again (online deleting my local save) and tried using True Achievements 10k. After one run of 60 minutes the progress bar went up 1%. Currently on my second run and will update this post with the results.

I think the problem is triggered by setting a time on the map. I set a time of 7 seconds on True Achievements 10k 2 and after that it wouldn't update my progress anymore. Perhaps anybody else can verify this as I'm not sure?

EDIT 2: My percentage went up 7% after the second race. Hopefully this helps anyone else that's stuck!

EDIT 3: I managed to unlock the achievement by getting 7% each race since my last edit!
Posted by Don Nielson on 29 Nov 20 at 07:57
I ima Pokemon IYeah mine is stuck at 57% too, tried everything to make it work. This sucks!
Posted by I ima Pokemon I on 30 Nov 20 at 21:09
MaxtranchhhePareil bloque a 71% j ai tous essayé si quelqu'un as une autre solution qui as marché
Posted by Maxtranchhhe on 02 Dec 20 at 20:02
Brutal HamstersGreat guide , thumbs up for me .
But my progress is now fully blocked at 75 %
.. ffs .. 🙄
Posted by Brutal Hamsters on 03 Dec 20 at 14:33
WaRRen16Perfect. Playground works perfect. I’m glad they changed the requirement. I wouldn’t have bothered with it otherwise.
Posted by WaRRen16 on 06 Dec 20 at 16:28
ariana576fanI have 51% for this grinding achievement. Only need this one to get the 1000gs.
Posted by ariana576fan on 07 Dec 20 at 22:28
aBailey 82Thanks for this, list compete woop
Posted by aBailey 82 on 09 Dec 20 at 21:14
Siebke91Stuck at 80%. Already removed the local save file. And started in offline mode with a new save file and removed the online save file. Still stuck at 80%..
Posted by Siebke91 on 11 Dec 20 at 12:34
Nightmare Clownsame except at 76%. game stopped working because it must have known I was going to remove it from my downloaded games once I was done with this piece of shit.
Posted by Nightmare Clown on 11 Dec 20 at 20:21
SchottayBStuck at 93%! I’ve deleted save data from the Xbox (not everywhere), did another 60min afk and still no achievement or progress counted :(
Posted by SchottayB on 21 Dec 20 at 12:31
Pauldnbthis new update made things worse. cant even open Career it just crashes me back to dashboard, stuck at 76% glad I left this till last.
Posted by Pauldnb on 22 Dec 20 at 17:43
FireWheels58It crashes when you open career after completing it, the hotfix for it is likely to be in January
Posted by FireWheels58 on 22 Dec 20 at 22:29
LeRoiDuNordgame crash for me too when i try to open career.... and looks like my achievement's stuck at 57%.
Posted by LeRoiDuNord on 23 Dec 20 at 12:15
Bad OCDI'm at 96%, cleared local save and serve space for the game but accidentally also deleted saved data so when I launched the game it started my career from beginning, but my achievement progress still shows 96% did 3, 20 mins sessions in a row, (just to see if it goes up at all) and it doesnt seem to go up at all :( help?
Posted by Bad OCD on 24 Dec 20 at 13:03
Dylan XBAStuck on 69%

God damnit.
Posted by Dylan XBA on 27 Dec 20 at 09:53
St Helens RLFCHow much % per hour would you say you'ld get?
Posted by St Helens RLFC on 29 Dec 20 at 16:15
mapphewStuck on 53%, game crashes for me as well when I go back to career mode, it's the only achievement I have left.
Posted by mapphew on 29 Dec 20 at 16:43
Dylan XBAI posted in Reddit and a user stated that only miles driven in Career count now.
Maybe that's why the playground miles no longer count?
Posted by Dylan XBA on 29 Dec 20 at 23:02
FlollyLFThe playground miles do count Iv been doing it the last few hours. However like others have said my tracker has stoped at 63% and going into career crashes the game
Posted by FlollyLF on 30 Dec 20 at 16:11
Dylan XBAOk cool. I wasn't able to test it due to career crashing my console.
Posted by Dylan XBA on 30 Dec 20 at 21:55
HomelyBumRocketIf there's any validity to only career miles counting, I'll update the guide. Once they patch career so it doesn't crash the game.

Yeesh Codemasters, get it together.
Posted by HomelyBumRocket on 30 Dec 20 at 23:19
FlollyLFSo I changed to my Xbox one x installed dirt 5 and synced my save going into career still crashes the game. Even though this is a different system I am playing on.

I would like to think that the whole crashing issue is connected to your game save and it’s not the game or console it’s self (just my guess) but yes hopefully they fix this soon it makes no sense for this to happen after playing playgrounds

I’m really tempted to completely delete my save and start fresh as Iv completed career mode anyway that would verify that the freeze issue is related to save.

Currently playing playgrounds on the one x so will see if my tracker goes up at all

Also here is a link to send technical issues I’m sure codemasters are already aware of this but the more of us who fill it in the better so send them a video of your game crashes when you enter career
Posted by FlollyLF on 31 Dec 20 at 02:02
St Helens RLFCMine has also stopped tracking. Stuck at 70%

I don't understand why the miles weren't accumulated on career. Felt like I had done 1000 miles, as 1000 miles isn't that much with the races that were done. Yet I only had 47%

So I used the playground games map went up 6 or 7% per hour. Stuck at 70% I tried twice afterwards thinking I had messed up somehow. But yet still, Not tracking
Posted by St Helens RLFC on 31 Dec 20 at 11:39
Dylan XBAIs there a chance Codemasters fix this?
Posted by Dylan XBA on 01 Jan at 03:01
ItsRic05I have managed to unlock this today following this guide. I finished the career at about 45% and tried the playground method knowing it might get stuck. Finished if finally this morning and the other 55% was all on this method. Wish I could help others beyond that but not sure what could be causing issues. Fingers crossed codemasters fix it quickly for those with issues.
Posted by ItsRic05 on 01 Jan at 09:37
sKyNeXu5this method is still working - i got 49 % progress from career mode and did the rest with the guide. my progress was stuck today at 79 %, i hard resetted the xbox series x and after that it worked again, but i made shorter sessions, not the full 60 minutes - maybe that's the point?
Posted by sKyNeXu5 on 02 Jan at 16:01
FlollyLFHard resetting didn’t do anything for me career still freezes and the tracking isn’t moving.

I played on a different gamer tag and started the game fresh the career does work but after 30mins of playing tracker still on 63%


Ok so the tracker looks to be working again I went form 63% to 67% after doing 45 mins in playgrounds so I would like to confirm that playground miles do count
Posted by FlollyLF on 02 Jan at 16:58
Dylan XBA@FlollyLF - thanks for the heads up. I’ll test it now and see how it goes

EDIT: I can confirm it is now tracking progress. I let the playground race run for 50 mins then went through the finish and it went from 69% to 74%.

Gonna get this done now before they screw it up again.

Thanks to FlollyLF for the heads up

EDIT 2: it looks like mine has stopped again at 81%
Posted by Dylan XBA on 03 Jan at 04:35
FlollyLF@Dylan XBA

keep racing it should fix it self
Posted by FlollyLF on 03 Jan at 20:52
Dylan XBAI hope so mate. Sooner I’m finished with this borefest the better.
Posted by Dylan XBA on 03 Jan at 21:01
SuperPed13This method works. I did sessions of about 45 minutes and made sure I drove through the gate to end the session.
Posted by SuperPed13 on 03 Jan at 22:08
mapphewHard resetting the Xbox, and finishing at around 55 minutes worked for me, my progress tracked again and I was able to get the achievement and finish the game.
Posted by mapphew on 03 Jan at 22:50
Dylan XBATried a hard reset. Finishing at both 45 and 55 mins and driving through the gate to finish the race and nothing.

Still stuck at 81%
Posted by Dylan XBA on 04 Jan at 02:53
Dylan XBAManaged to get it up to 95% by restarting my Xbox several times in between races. However it’s been at 95% for awhile now. Might try later to finish it off.

Finally popped it. Very random... it seems to work only after a few resets.
Posted by Dylan XBA on 04 Jan at 13:23
iTz Canada Ehhworks like a charm. I finished career mode plus all the throwdowns around 47%. Took about 6 hours of using this method to finish it off. A shame really, wish there was more content in career mode to earn this without boosting or wish they just didn't have this achievement all together as it's a fun game.
Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 06 Jan at 22:55
I deFacto IThere seems to have been an update recently and right now it started working for me again and also the campaign doesn't crash the game anymore for me. Hope they fixed it for everyone with that.
Posted by I deFacto I on 07 Jan at 13:54
Sol76Mine was stuck on 32% for a long time. In the meantime I almost completed the career so there is going to be a major grind afterwards I’m afraid.
Posted by Sol76 on 07 Jan at 15:01
CobraToddmay want to get this sooner thAn later , if microsoft do what they did to another game publisher they may make these guys change it to
Posted by CobraTodd on 08 Jan at 08:24
unionjackboyEarly on today I started this around 55% and it was going up by about 8% per race. The only issue is the vibrating controller while I was working on laptop.

However I’ve hit 93% and after what I thought would be my last race it’s still on 93%.

I’ve set it away again and got to 30mins when I took over and crossed the finish and again it’s still on 93%.

I’ve now replayed a few career races and it’s not budging from 93% 😕
Posted by unionjackboy on 11 Jan at 19:48
N30YRDSo I'm following this guide... And I've ran the game 2 hours last night, and 2 hours today...

And only progressed for 1 hours worth of driving... I went from 71% to 82% and haven't moved today in 2 hours... I'm also sat watching the car going round and moving the LS stick every 3 mins

Starting to piss me off, as I messaged my friend and he said his game ran flawlessly all the way through... Where I have had nothing butt issues the whole game
Posted by N30YRD on 12 Jan at 17:29
confusedgeekGot this today using this method.
Posted by confusedgeek on 12 Jan at 18:15
Chase12FullerI'm stuck on 92% and have tried hard resetting multiple times, even tried career mode events.. nothing is working..
Posted by Chase12Fuller on 14 Jan at 22:05