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Not the Norse You're Looking For

Successfully pass close to a guard in a distrust area by blending with a group of monks

Not the Norse You're Looking For-1.9
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Metal CrusherMetal Crusher582,845
11 Nov 2020 12 Dec 2020
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This achievement seems like a homage to the intro cinematic/trailer for the first Assassin’s Creed game which was released in 2007.
A distrust area is an area where guards will attack you on sight. You will know you are in a distrust area as it will say so in red under your navigation bar.

* A cn_Y button prompt will appear when you get near a group of monks for you to blend in.

* You must have a cloak equipped to be able to blend in.

* No skills are required to blend in.

There are three locations in England that are always distrust areas and remain distrust areas into endgame. These locations are Ledecestre in Ledecestrescire, Wincestre and Colcestre in Essexe. Groups of monks can be found in all three of these locations.

- A good place to do this is in Ledecestre in the Ledecestrescire region in England.

There is a group of monks that walk back and forth between the western most gate/bridge to the middle of the city.

Climb over the western wall without being seen and wait for them to get close. Hold cn_Y to blend in with them and walk along with them. You should pass at least two areas with guards.

This is a video of the location: (location on the map is at the end of the video)

- Another good place to do this is in Wincestre in England.

There are two groups of monks that walk back and forth through the two guards at the entrance of the southeastern gate/bridge of Wincestre to the end of the bridge that leads into Hamtunscire.

Approach from the south (outside the walls of Wincestre) and wait for a group of monks to make their way to the end of the bridge to then blend in with them. (Credit for this location to USS Prometheus.)
KATAKL1ZMTried this numerous times, even had a drunk draw guards into the monks path, no achievement. Maybe buggy🤷‍♀️
Posted by KATAKL1ZM on 12 Nov 20 at 23:21
Centurion83I had to hang out near the two guards at the gate, while blended in, for about 10 seconds for it to pop.
Posted by Centurion83 on 13 Nov 20 at 16:25
Apostle92627I don't get a button prompt?
Posted by Apostle92627 on 13 Nov 20 at 17:51
YAT0Worked for me - went down by the gate and stood right next to the guard whilst blended in, after going past the two guys sat down as in the video
Posted by YAT0 on 13 Nov 20 at 20:03
Apostle92627Is there a skill you need to be able to get this achievement or what? I'm seriously confused.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 13 Nov 20 at 20:21
Metal CrusherDo you have a cloak equipped? I tried to blend in without one and it didn't allow me to. You might have to build the Assassin’s Guild in your settlement first, I'm not sure though. No skills are required to blend in.
Posted by Metal Crusher on 13 Nov 20 at 21:03
Apostle92627Yes, it's not only equipped but also in use, as seen here (in Walden):

I will say I've never once seen the priests moving in my game.

For the record, I've also tried Ledecestre. I went to Walden to try to get the achievement because I sided with Grantebridge so I could do the flyting there. When trying to do it in Ledecestre didn't work, I figured it might be because I sided with Grantebridge. But trying it in Walden also failed.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 13 Nov 20 at 21:34
Apostle92627O... M... G!! I uninstall and reinstalled the game to try to get blending in to work. It didn't work in Walden but I had literally no room to work with. So I thought I'd try Ledecestre again. The monks were actually moving! I finally got the button prompt to work but picked the wrong group of monks, and they walked into a group of people, and stopped moving. I ended up attracting unwanted attention trying to get them to move (even tried using a drunk). So I reloaded. However, upon reload, they were standing still again and I couldn't get the prompt to come on the screen. So I loaded the save from Walden and fast traveled back. I picked the group in the video and made it to the spot but no achievement. So I rewatched the video and you get the assassinate prompt. So I doubled back and got caught assassinating him, but it didn't matter because I got the pop! FINALLY!!!!
Posted by Apostle92627 on 13 Nov 20 at 23:53
Pr0P014kZSo when I did it yesterday it didn't pop for me. Tried again today and nothing. But checking what other chevos I had left between the list and TA, it was unlocked yesterday it just never showed on the screen or my xbox app on the pc. So its worth it to double check to make sure if it registers just didn't pop up in the game.
Posted by Pr0P014kZ on 14 Nov 20 at 18:14
Scotty x360aThis achievement is completely fucked. I've done this dozens of times now, walking in the group of monks past guards for well over an hour yesterday and today and it simply won't unlock. Such a broken buggy game.
Posted by Scotty x360a on 15 Nov 20 at 10:49
TenrethMy retarded monks are standing in one place, doing nothing but watching poor little boys. I found a way to have them move around (ask them politely with my axe in their face (they are invincible... why!?) until they leave the town. When i leave combat, i fast travel away and back to the town. My only group of child molesters is moving now, but it's not the same route and there are far less guards around. I tried whistleing to some, combat and so on, but nothing worked so far.
Posted by Tenreth on 17 Nov 20 at 23:10
TricXzZThink mine glitched 🤔 i got achievement by walking a group of monks over dead soldiers
Posted by TricXzZ on 18 Nov 20 at 09:11
TenrethThank you TricXzZ, killing a few guards and walking over them did the trick!
So here's the solution if you don't want to download the 46GB again and if your monks are just standing there:
Kill a few guards and scare the monks out of the town, fast travel away and back to Ledecestre. A group of monks should be walking around. Hide and walk over the dead guards from earlier.
Posted by Tenreth on 18 Nov 20 at 13:28
Scotty x360aJust tried the above method, but it didn't work for me. :/ Weird fix though, congrats to anyone it does work for. :p
Posted by Scotty x360a on 18 Nov 20 at 20:20
Epidote6I had issues too but got it to pop after assassinating a soldier from within the hiding group. Essentially I joined the monks and walked within them all the way to the gate where two soldiers are standing there (I think west gate). This is where the monks will try to turn around. I was close enough to prompt the assassinate and as soon as I did it popped. Hope that helps some!
Posted by Epidote6 on 19 Nov 20 at 20:19
Lilith1024I was able to complete it in Oxfordshire just by passing through a couple of guards, Ledecestre monks didn't lead me to success.
Posted by Lilith1024 on 21 Nov 20 at 21:04
SMI SMILEYi did it in Ledecestre as soon as i got to the too the 2 guards near the gate i assassinated one of them and achievement popped
Posted by SMI SMILEY on 23 Nov 20 at 07:52
MoorendEpidote6's solution worked for me!
Posted by Moorend on 28 Nov 20 at 23:37
USS PrometheusA really good place to get this that I found and passed to a couple of friends. Go to Wincestre near what is essentially the south gate between Wincestre Seminary and Temple of Mithras.

We found guards on the gate and there was usually at least one group of Monks. Blend in with either group and achievement unlocked.
Posted by USS Prometheus on 29 Nov 20 at 14:26
Hooch LeeSimply passing by the guards was not enough for me. I had to assassinate the guard for the achievement to pop. It was even a big guard but the achievement popped before I finished the "QTE" for the final blow.
Posted by Hooch Lee on 30 Nov 20 at 14:22
DevorianDevilTried different locations, tried passing the guards normally, assassinating one and even kill them and walk over them: nothing =(

Any other thoughts?
Posted by DevorianDevil on 06 Dec 20 at 11:41
OysterSmileNot having any luck getting it to pop either :(
Posted by OysterSmile on 09 Dec 20 at 14:37
Magic Skoo1 BusI've tried every "solution" in here multiple areas many times. I can't get this achievement to save my life. I've completed everything else.
Posted by Magic Skoo1 Bus on 16 Dec 20 at 03:41
WaIdorfYa.. this most definitely isn’t popping for me.
Posted by WaIdorf on 19 Dec 20 at 00:52
F1 VikingPopped for me when I assassinated a guard from the monk group.
Posted by F1 Viking on 21 Dec 20 at 05:23
ThijsGuess I'm one of the unlucky ones, nothing seems to trigger an unlock... Anybody who knows if starting a new game will solve it?
Posted by Thijs on 23 Dec 20 at 10:22
CheasonUKNot working for me either, but will try the suggestions above.
Posted by CheasonUK on 30 Dec 20 at 13:26
examinedlyfeWasn't popping for me, but then assassinating a guard got it to pop.
Posted by examinedlyfe on 07 Jan at 03:55
sportjames23I’ve tried everything, but no luck. Probably the easiest achievement to get, and it’s pissing me off.
Posted by sportjames23 on 10 Jan at 03:06
DreCubeNeeded to assassinate an enemy from within the monk group to get it unlocked
Posted by DreCube on 10 Jan at 14:16
sportjames23This is the last achievement I need and I still can’t get this damn thing to unlock. It’s absolutely pissing me off. 🤬🤬🤬
Posted by sportjames23 on 11 Jan at 21:42
DevorianDevilTried after new patch and still won't unlock. Anyone else have any luck?
Posted by DevorianDevil on 15 Jan at 21:26
ColzoHHad this achievement as my last achievement since launch version and hoping the newest would’ve fixed this achievement bug but it never so what I done is just start again skipped all skippable cutscenes and conversations and I made it to england ledecestrescire for 1 hour and 30 minutes done the usual link into religious people and got close enough to assassinate and it popped no problem.. so for all those trying to get it to work on there older version saves just restart and it works, time to delete this glitchy game once n for all
Posted by ColzoH on 15 Jan at 21:44
MrNoseI ended up having to do the same thing that ColzoH posted. Personally did it last night and it popped without issue. On my 200 hour save I tried daily to get the achievement in Wincestre's south gate and it never worked but as soon as I started a new game and got to Ravensthorpe I went straight to Ledecestre and it popped right away.
Posted by MrNose on 16 Jan at 20:32
sportjames23@ColzoH, I did what you said, started a new game, and it worked for me.
Posted by sportjames23 on 16 Jan at 20:51