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Overdesign II

While on fire during a fight, kill 3 hard difficulty soldiers without breaking their shields

Overdesign II-2.8
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14 Nov 2020 24 Mar 2021
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UPDATE: There's a glitch where if you play Orlog and wait until after the coin flip, you can fast travel and the enemies won't see you. You can then go to Werham and get the achievement. I know this works because I personally tested it. Try killing a guard close to the fire to make it more likely you kill him before you burn out.

Video that shows this and the assassinate 10 enemies one working:

(NOTE 1: I take no credit for this video.)

NEW UPDATE: Neo Yggdrasill says:

Apparently this wasn't patched in December but it was patched with the 1.1.2 update in February. If you haven't played the game since before the update and therefore haven't updated it you can still go offline first and play on the older patch. I'll try to do this later, I'm still on 1.0.4, I've spent hours on this already back in November and even with this glitch I wasn't able to do it. Hopefully it works this time.

NOTE 2: I'll leave the legit way up in case you want to get it legitimately.

I found this video:

Credit: Powerpyx

NOTE 3: You actually need to see the fire debuff above your health bar in order for the kill to count.

According to Powerpyx, you need to be at least 40 levels below. You can drop their health really low, then set yourself on fire. Kill three in one battle while you're on fire to get the achievement. You don't need to worry about the fire going out; as long as you're on fire when you land the killing blow, you should be fine.
DJ RJesterThanks for the video. Now I know why I couldn’t get this to pop killing enemies on hard difficulty while being on fire.
Posted by DJ RJester on 14 Nov 20 at 17:10
Apostle92627Yeah, I was waiting for someone else to post this guide. When no one did, I looked it up.

Also, Powerpyx is awesome.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 14 Nov 20 at 17:26
WulfTekThe "Missile Reversal" skill, at the bottom of the skill tree is excellent for dropping their HP. If you back up they should throw spears at you, and if you parry them as they hit you'll throw them back.

Do this twice on each shieldbearer and they should all be on very low health. I am on Vikingr (Default Difficulty), but I imagine on easier difficulties it would only take one and a few hits to get them low.

Also I think, and don't quote me on this, only heavy (RT) attacks damage shields, but either way one they're low and you're on fire the bow is the best way to go.

I'd also recommend making a manual save outside, the game is generous with autosaves but it can't hurt.
Posted by WulfTek on 14 Nov 20 at 18:38
NightmarityThis has to be bugged or something, Like, I've had so many attempts with the flag bearers dying while I'm burning with no unlock. I've tried the roof top fire strat, burning hay piles strat...nothing works.
Posted by Nightmarity on 15 Nov 20 at 21:10
Apostle92627Did you try a hard reset? There's been a couple times where I've had issues tracking or unlocking an achievement, and a hard reset fixed it.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 15 Nov 20 at 21:23
NightmarityI haven't tried a full console restart yet, but I have earned other achievements just fine, it's only this one.
Posted by Nightmarity on 15 Nov 20 at 23:43
Zero or Die453Just got this killing 6 shield-bearers. The "on-fire" time is very tight. If you kill them when it just expires it doesn't count. There are 8 shield-bearers in the village. If you kill 3 then go to others and continue on, it counts.
Posted by Zero or Die453 on 16 Nov 20 at 13:19
BleggarMuffinI got the enemies health down and then lit up the haystacks near the entrance of the village. I would then stand by them so they kept me on fire, and shot the enemies dead. Such a pain.
Posted by BleggarMuffin on 17 Nov 20 at 02:42
POR PandaIf this area is power 340 and you have to be 40 levels before would this achievement be missable or is there a power cap before that.
Posted by POR Panda on 17 Nov 20 at 22:12
Apostle92627I don't know if there's a power cap, I was just going off what Powerpyx was saying. However, you can't miss this achievement since you can freely reset any skill you want.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 17 Nov 20 at 22:55
InquisitorZacThis is silly easy if you round everything up in the camp, jump on a straw roof, set the roof on fire (which burns for forever), then headshot all the shielders.
It doesn’t have to be the elite shield bearers either. I plucked all 3 of mine from regular soldiers with the breakable shields.
+1 👍🏻
Posted by InquisitorZac on 18 Nov 20 at 04:49
rob7863Thanks InquisitorZac, did that and got it first time. After multiple attempts running around. toast
Posted by rob7863 on 18 Nov 20 at 12:40
Fa1con87How do you get headshots with the huge swaying of the bow when on fire?
Posted by Fa1con87 on 19 Nov 20 at 13:44
Fa1con87How do you get headshots with the huge swaying of the bow when on fire?
Posted by Fa1con87 on 19 Nov 20 at 13:52
DilliniumI was having trouble with this achievement, especially when I was trying to bow them down. I tried properly using only melee attacks while on fire and it worked the first time.
Posted by Dillinium on 21 Nov 20 at 03:00
CheateurLulu69We can do it at which level any idea ?
Posted by CheateurLulu69 on 22 Nov 20 at 01:58
I was level 280 and I did it in the same spot/town as Powerpyxs video. However, I did not do them all at once, I even went back to my settlement at one point. And you can do it with the smaller enemies to, as long as they have a shield. Standing on a roof that's on fire is a good method. This achievement wasn't THAT bad as I first thought. Took me around 15 minutes, but maybe I was only lucky, lol. Just keep doing it, but remember to use the same save file if you do a manual save. Always save on the save slot with the cloud icon.
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 22 Nov 20 at 13:41
xVioletVix3nThis appears to be bugged for me. I reset my skill points and put back on 280, so they’re still red skulls. I’ve killed three enemies with arrows while on fire and sat on a lamp to ensure it didn’t go out, then tried again with just melee attacks, getting them to low health and sitting on the lamp until they walked close then lunging at them. Has anyone else had any issues with this not unlocking? Or am I doing something wrong? They still all definitely have shields when I kill them.
Posted by xVioletVix3n on 22 Nov 20 at 13:44
Just keep doing it, but make sure that you always use the same save file. I THINK (not 100% sure) that the save slot with the cloud symbol is the way to go. Always save on that slot, always play from that specific slot. Kill some shield enemies just as you explained, save, and return to the same spot later. The enemies will eventually respawn. As I mentioned above, I had no problems with this achievement, or maybe it was pure luck... This game is truly a mess.
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 22 Nov 20 at 13:57
xVioletVix3nHa, tell me about it. I swear Odyssey wasn’t this buggy on release. I’ve currently got two achievements left, this being one, and I’ll have all the collectibles once I can manage this last damn cairn stone in Hamtunscire. I already had to restart Jotunheim earlier because a quest wouldn’t let me progress and I’d already gotten all the collectibles 😬 did the tracker acknowledge when you got each kill? As it’ll be really handy if it does, so I can go off that.
Posted by xVioletVix3n on 22 Nov 20 at 14:06
Pretty sure this achievement doesn't have a tracker. How can you even be so close to the 1000GS? This game takes forever and it's even worse with this buggy mess that you have to try to sort out every now and then, lol.
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 22 Nov 20 at 14:16
xVioletVix3nI may have booked two weeks off work and have been playing for 12+ hours a day 😅 currently on 147h 24m ahah. Don’t judge me, the country is in lockdown...
Posted by xVioletVix3n on 22 Nov 20 at 14:18
CheateurLulu69@FireRaiser1985 i am level 170 im good no or i level up ?
Posted by CheateurLulu69 on 22 Nov 20 at 18:56
Well, you can try, but I suspect that it will be pretty hard.
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 22 Nov 20 at 18:58
R09U3A55A55IN90Work smart not hard
Posted by R09U3A55A55IN90 on 22 Nov 20 at 19:08
Crescent EagleDoes know if you have unspent skill points that would bring your level to less than a difference of 40, that the achievement won't work?
Posted by Crescent Eagle on 22 Nov 20 at 20:35
Apostle92627It looks at your power rating, not how many unspent points you have.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 22 Nov 20 at 21:44
mkdfanWorked perfectly! I did it at Power 266.
Posted by mkdfan on 23 Nov 20 at 22:12
bigwillestyle33If you do it in this area, you have to be maximum of 280 power. The easiest way I've found is to have the ability catch and throw back the spears that the flagbearers will toss at you. So you can whittle down their health to half whichever way and then stand on a burning roof and throw their spears back at them. Repeat 3 times.
Posted by bigwillestyle33 on 24 Nov 20 at 04:59
Apostle92627Powerpyx said 300 was the maximum.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 24 Nov 20 at 06:41
xVioletVix3nIf it anything above 280 the skulls turn to diamonds, which I think means it won’t work. Saying that, it’s still bugged for me. I’ve tried it numerous ways using different guides and tips and it’s not popping. Just hoping it’s bugged and will sort itself when a patch comes out.
Posted by xVioletVix3n on 24 Nov 20 at 11:35
ArenafighterI gave up on this one. It will not unlocking.
I watched many videos and tried everything but this must be glitched. Hope they fix this one
Posted by Arenafighter on 24 Nov 20 at 15:28
Goggs25Not unlocking for me either. I’m level 42 tried it at raid location where enemies level was 90. Not surprised it won’t unlock given how these lazy developers/programmers make games too lazy to test anything
Posted by Goggs25 on 24 Nov 20 at 16:18
OOOHHH YEAAHHHcan you not hit their shield at all? ive done this twice now
Posted by OOOHHH YEAAHHH on 24 Nov 20 at 16:20
ArenafighterSo you mean I need no hit there shields?
Describe your Procedure
Posted by Arenafighter on 24 Nov 20 at 16:37
Apostle92627You just don't break their shields.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 24 Nov 20 at 16:42
OOOHHH YEAAHHHTried it 6 times. Never broke a shield. I've noticed sometimes I'll be on fire, but the fire debuff symbol isn't there. The debuff goes away really fast for me, even when I'm not moving. I've tried letting them set me on fire and I've tried setting the house on fire.
Posted by OOOHHH YEAAHHH on 24 Nov 20 at 17:09
ArenafighterI also never break a shield. I will check what if when I drop all my Expirience Points to zero. Evtl. It has something to do with an ability (passive)
Posted by Arenafighter on 24 Nov 20 at 17:17
well I guess I'm not getting 100%, first assassination game I won't. this achievement is just retarded, fighting 3 enemies 40 levels higher and being on fire, just completely retarded
Posted on 24 Nov 20 at 17:57
ArenafighterIs anyone here it has unlocked in not 3 on a row like the vid says? I mean go to the spot kill the heavy guys and when it not pooped fast travel and coming back later and repeat (all on the same Autosave). Or must this done definitely in one fight???
Posted by Arenafighter on 25 Nov 20 at 10:21
Arenafighter👍Got It👍
Here it is the solution!!!
Be sure you are not over level 300!!!!
-Than go to the spot.
-Bring health down.
-Fire you up
-than wait the fire symbol is full in the left bottem corner. You must be quick in kill before the symbol is not more full!!!!!!!
-kill the guys with arrows.
Posted by Arenafighter on 25 Nov 20 at 11:03
Chief TigrisOkay this one was easier than I thought. It took me a few times but it works. No glitches!

1. Go to the exact position as in the video, mainly because there are a lot of shield bearers and those are the ones you want to fight.

2. Remove ability points from skill tree (especially any fire resistance ones!) until you are low enough level that there is a RED SKULL (NOT DIAMOND) next to their name. Aim your bow at the enemy, it should tell you.

3. Make a manual save for convenience purposes, so you can reload if you need to start over.

4. Fight the shield bearers, bringing their health down to a small sliver. I used dual daggers to do significant damage without breaking any shields.
**Many say all three enemies have to be killed in the same battle. There is some truth to this. In my experience, I killed the two shield bearers, my combat status ended (I wasn't being searched for), then I went and fought another one to the right by a church, and got the achievement. So you don't need to be in the same combat segment, but I don't think you can do things like fast travel or leave the area. It might need to be done within some time/location bounds.

5. Once their health is to a small sliver, find a flammable object like a wheat bundle or hay-filled cart and throw your torch at it. I recommend those wheat bundles because they have a pretty long burn and you can stand right next to them on fire.
**IMPORTANT: Make sure you stand in the flame until the red fire icon is FULLY RED, and has a RED CIRCLE AROUND IT. This means you are officially on fire. I've seen a lot of people trying to do it while they are igniting (circle is half red) and not fully on fire. This WILL NOT WORK.

6. While you're fully on fire, use your Light Bow to launch some arrows at them, eventually one will hit and they will die without you ever having to leave the flame you're standing next to.

7. So I did this for the first two by the gate. The third one by the church I brought to a sliver of health, he then launched a fire bomb at me which they sometimes do if you are a certain distance. This is good!! Stand in the circle and let the bomb hit you. Don't even move. When you're FULLY on fire, repeat the light bow shots, one is bound to land.

8. Get the achievement, let out a well-deserved Vikingr victory yell, and tell Ubisoft to go f*** themselves.

Happy Hunting!
~ Chief Tigris
Posted by Chief Tigris on 25 Nov 20 at 19:50
ArenafighterWow I wrote exactly this a little bit🤏 shorter.
Posted by Arenafighter on 25 Nov 20 at 20:20
WeisGuy9I liked the longer version better. Much more helpful, and full of good tips.
Posted by WeisGuy9 on 27 Nov 20 at 09:31
Flatline1775What an absolute trash achievement. I’ve tried for like two hours and killed three of these guys in combat multiple times. No achievement.
Posted by Flatline1775 on 27 Nov 20 at 17:55
junofallMake sure your controller is vibrating so you're taking health damage. It won't count kills if you look like you're on fire, but don't have the on fire debuff.
Posted by junofall on 03 Dec 20 at 20:06
xDaffAs of today, the glitch still works. Thanks for sharing it, had given up trying to do it normally
Posted by xDaff on 09 Dec 20 at 14:51
USS PrometheusI did it proper, three in a fight while on fire and it didn't pop. Seeing the trouble some people have been having, I went the alternate route. Took killing another four, so seven in total. Glitch still works as of writing.
Posted by USS Prometheus on 12 Dec 20 at 22:26
Cpt Ch4osWill be patched tomorrow so this won't work.
Posted by Cpt Ch4os on 15 Dec 20 at 05:03
Apostle92627Yeah, I saw that. Glad I got the achievement before they decided to patch it. angry
Posted by Apostle92627 on 15 Dec 20 at 15:48
Neo YggdrasillApparently this wasn't patched in December but it was patched with the 1.1.2 update in February. If you haven't played the game since before the update and therefore haven't updated it you can still go offline first and play on the older patch. I'll try to do this later, I'm still on 1.0.4, I've spent hours on this already back in November and even with this glitch I wasn't able to do it. Hopefully it works this time.
Posted by Neo Yggdrasill on 24 Mar at 10:51
Apostle92627I've updated my solution giving Neo Yggdrasill credit.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 24 Mar at 14:59
Neo YggdrasillWell, turns out you can't just get achievements offline like that, I didn't know that was a thing on the Xbox one. The achievement can still pop later if you go online and start the game but that requires updating obviously. It didn't pop for me when I updated but I just got it legitimately immediately afterwards and I only had to kill 3 guards. Might be a coincidence but maybe they fixed something? No clue.
Posted by Neo Yggdrasill on 24 Mar at 19:13
Apostle92627Glad you were able to get it legit!
Posted by Apostle92627 on 24 Mar at 19:41