The Walking Dead: Season Two Review by MisterIdjit

14 Nov 2020 15 Nov 2020
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Second verse, same as the first: bleak, pessimistic and depressing. No matter what choices you make, that's what this game boils down to, misery porn at its worst. This "game" also gives you the illusion of choice, as the narrative is ultimately deterministic with the fate of most characters. Decisions from the previous game have little bearing on what happens in this one (barring a few cameos from the "400 Days Later" characters). Not only that, but decisions made here make little difference what happens in the next game.

Playtime is also artificially extended with unskippable recaps (you know, to show you what YOU JUST DID), cutscenes, and most baffling of all, credits. That's right, you have to sit through everything. It's also poorly optimized for the Xbox One, as loading times are on par with the Sega CD. Half the time I thought for sure the game froze. I think this has to be the slowest load times of any Xbox One game, and it's loading directly from the hard drive!

Wonky controls for the QTEs are also an issue here. The cursor has a tendency to disappear off the screen, only to reveal itself after furiously wiggling the thumbstick. For some unholy reason, the game will frequently move said cursor to the other side of the screen, just out of sight. Even better, the buttons were unresponsive a good 25% of the time when I was able to match the cursor to the target.

Once again, this game hammers into your skull (no pun intended) the "humans are the REAL monsters" rhetoric. JFC, we get it, it has been done to death. Also once again, people are really freaking stupid here. Not even normal horror movie stupid, I'm talking pants on head retarded. Shut up, stop yelling, put a sock in the screaming person's mouth (actual advice I received from a police officer in the event of a live shooter).

I think I would rather play a "Trail of Tears" simulator over this nonsense. No wonder Telltale went under. If you like feeling bereft of hope, this game is definitely for you. I've got enough issues with depression.
SentokI don't know how you expect an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies to be sunshine and rainbows. The game is bleak because the setting (and the comic source material) is bleak. That's such an odd thing to complain about in a review
Posted by Sentok on 15 Nov 20 at 23:40