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Operation Red Circus

Complete Operation Red Circus Side Mission in Campaign on any difficulty.

Operation Red Circus0
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15 Nov 2020 16 Nov 2020
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Step 1: Find the three notes in the following missions (locations in the video down below)
- Brick in the wall (at 0:38)
- Echoes of a cold war (at 0:55)
- Desperate Measures (at 1:26)

Step 2: Select the mission Operation Red Circus and read each note. Write down the following information about each person. Be aware that the locations and gender might not be the same for you.

first note: name (bearded lady/strong man/juggler) & travel location (city, country + date)
-> each section describes an agent
second note: travel location (city, country + date)
-> each section describes the travel locations they visited
third note: sex (male/female)
-> each section describes the gender of the agent

Step 4: Identify the three agents from the list. Simply compare their profiles with your list and select the three matching people.

Step 5: Complete the mission. After completing the achievement should pop up. Difficulty does not matter.


As mentioned in the comments by @Reqqu you can just choose and suspect any three agents and complete the mission to pop up the achievement. You only won't receive the player card for choosing the correct agents. And be aware that there might be multiple spawn locations for the note in the mission "Desperate measures" - for me it was the one shown in the video.

After completing and back in the room again you will receive a notification in the top right corner that you successfully identified all three agents and completed the challenge, what unlocks a player card for you:

Multiplayer section -> Challenges -> Campaign -> Story -> Loyal Agent -> Reward: Player Card


My list looked like this (I am playing in german, tried to translate it for you):

bearded lady: male
Kopenhagen, Dänemark at 04.12.80 | Krakau, Polen at 04.10.80

strong man: female
Paris, Frankreich at 21.01.81 | Barcelona, Spanien at 09.01.80

juggler: male
Cambrige, England at 23.10.80 | Ost-Berlin, Deutschland at 16.09.80

Hope this helps you out getting the achievement.

MushaConvoyUpvoted, however the intel in Desperate Measures is random. Can also be in the Records room (in the side room near the cabinet) or the War Room (on the left wall as you enter from the hall).

First attempt for me it glitched, spent an hour clearing every room in the building searching for intel. Finished the mission and replayed it and it was in one of those 3 locations straight after turning off the camera. Also, you don't need to finish the mission, after collecting the evidence I played through until the next "Saving..." then quit and went to the safehouse, intel was there for me to identify correctly in Red Circus.
Posted by MushaConvoy on 15 Nov 20 at 16:08
JanSH4DOWThanks for pointing that out. Hope I could help you anyway.
Posted by JanSH4DOW on 15 Nov 20 at 18:34
Bastian ReaderDesperate measures intel was not at any of the 3 locations. Maybe there are more? Or it is glitched. Spent an hour looking everywhere.
Posted by Bastian Reader on 16 Nov 20 at 03:12
ReqquFor those who just wants to pop achievement and do some gunplay in gunplay oriented franchise: instead using paper and pen during Call of Duty, you can just suspect anybody on the list and complete mission. In-game challenge is obviously not completed, but...
Posted by Reqqu on 16 Nov 20 at 07:26
JanSH4DOWThanks for pointing out the multiple spawn locations and that the achievement also pops if you just choose any three agents. As I wanted to complete it correctly I just wrote down what I did for getting the achievement. But it is now noticed in the guide. It's my first guide here on TrueAchievements, thankful for tips to improve.
Posted by JanSH4DOW on 16 Nov 20 at 12:13
themonk3ygamerI compleated the game , can i go back to the board or do i need to reset the game and start again ?
Posted by themonk3ygamer on 16 Nov 20 at 16:58
JanSH4DOWAs far as I know you have to restart the campaign again but I can't say for sure. For me the both additional missions unlocked after the first few missions if I remember correctly. Don't forget to get all other story achievements for the last missions as well (e.g. Mind Trip and The Red Door). Happy hunting
Posted by JanSH4DOW on 16 Nov 20 at 17:19
Xbox Master1776Hello I did this and chose the correct suspects but I didnt get the calling card I’m confused can someone help
Posted by Xbox Master1776 on 19 Nov 20 at 03:36
JanSH4DOWHi Xbox Master1776, did you receive the notification in the top right corner for picking the three correct agents after finishing the mission and back in the room again? If the notification pops up you did it right and choosed the correct agents and therefore unlock the player card: Multiplayer section -> Challenges -> Campaign -> Story -> Loyal Agent -> Reward: Player Card

If there was no notification and you don't have the player card I think you didn't choose the correct ones.

JanSH4DOW :)
Posted by JanSH4DOW on 19 Nov 20 at 10:32
ChacsIf you have completed the campaign without doing any side mission, you can play them quickly by selecting the mission "Safehouse: Cuba briefing".
Posted by Chacs on 19 Nov 20 at 17:06
GatorFistOne of the other locations for the "Desperate Measures" evidence is the "Data Entry" area. I found it on a desk in the same room as the computer that programs the key card.
Posted by GatorFist on 26 Nov 20 at 17:12