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Party Patrol

Get 10 squad wipe medals in Fireteam.

Party Patrol-1.3
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15 Nov 2020 15 Nov 2020
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From the main menu select multiplayer.
From there there will be a Playlist called "fireteam: dirty bomb"

You'll want to select that game mode. It consists of 10 fire teams of 4 players each team. To get a team wipe medal you must down and kill the final player alive on a single squad(there are multiple squads-beware)

To check how many squad wipe medals you've earned go to

Tab to barracks
Scroll to medals
Tab to game modes
Medal will appear as "squad wipe"

Definition: eliminate the last enemy player alive on a fire team consisting of 3 or more players.

At the time I am writing this guide I am at 4 so far.
The Manic MooseIn the matches where you earned those medals, did you get the “returning to lobby game ended” or similar? I definitely earned more than 10 yesterday and no record of any and looks like none of the xp counted for levelling up... weapon xp however did.
Posted by The Manic Moose on 15 Nov 20 at 09:38
crooked444If you got the returning to lobby game ended screen, all the squad wipe medals will not count
Posted by crooked444 on 15 Nov 20 at 13:40
HungryWatchWOLFOh darn. Ok. I will check once I get 10. I am up to 7 now. I haven't had any disconnecting issues as of yet. I will keep everyone informed. But this at least seems to be the easiest way to see how many medals of that type you have earned so far. If they counted for you. I'll try to get this done today to let others know the outcome.
Posted by HungryWatchWOLF on 15 Nov 20 at 17:27
Clankk OGI had the disconnecting issue but now it seems to be fixed. I just earned this today,
Posted by Clankk OG on 15 Nov 20 at 17:51
MrKoolxDoodi cant seem to get 1 medal at all much less 10
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 16 Nov 20 at 03:14
SoundgoodizerUnfortunately this is a bit luck reliant since it's hard to actively go after the last living member of a squad in this chaotic mode where people are constantly respawning, but should unlock with enough playtime. I've gotten 2 so far over the course of 10 games. The game seems a bit stingy in terms of awarding the medal even when you get "Squad Eliminated" at the bottom of the screen. The medal says it needs to be on a squad of 3 or more, but I have a slight suspicion it may need to be a full squad of 4 considering how many times I've eliminated the final squad member and not been given the medal

Edit: I've gotten a few more since posting this. Some actual tips: Try to get in tanks and helicopters, and also arm a bomb if you can (it can be difficult). I got 9 kills because of one detonating
Posted by Soundgoodizer on 16 Nov 20 at 04:01
FQXIt also seems you don't have to be the player that downs and kills the last person.

I had a scenario where I downed the 2nd to last player of a squad.
When my teammate killed the last, we BOTH got a squad wipe medal.
I don't know if this was something specific/luck, but I'd definitely recommend playing with friends on this gamemode, as it should make this much faster.
Posted by FQX on 16 Nov 20 at 09:42
jcrankinGot 5 in one game and only 1 tracked. These bugs are so annoying.
Posted by jcrankin on 16 Nov 20 at 18:03
HungryWatchWOLFidk what to say. Everything tracked normally for me. No disconnections. No nothing. Only problem i had was a console crash after playing for a while.
Posted by HungryWatchWOLF on 18 Nov 20 at 21:22
HythalYOU do need to be the person to kill the last enemy of a squad. It doesn't matter who downs the other people within an enemy squad. All that matters is that YOU kill the last remaining player of that squad. Only 1 person can get the squad wipe medal per squad wipe.
Posted by Hythal on 21 Nov 20 at 10:07
Beefboi1824I managed to do this legitimately, playing with complete randos. It was not easy, and it was not very fun (chaotic game mode, bad squadmates who run around aimlessly and die repeatedly, etc). Anyway, I have some tips that can make this a bit easier.

The best way to get squad wipes is to camp near high-traffic areas (bomb sites) and pick enemies off from a distance. Personally, using an AR with the correct attachments (4x scope and reduced recoil) was the most effective way to accomplish this. I am not entirely sure about this, but I think you only have to down the last enemy of a squad (you do not have to be the person that finishes them off) to get the medal. Therefore, focus primarily on downing enemies.

Even with this advice, getting these medals is mostly dependent on luck. I would have games in which I played well and got 50+ eliminations, but did not receive a single squad wipe medal. Then, randomly, I would get a squad wipe medal for my first elimination of a game, picking off a lone enemy in the distance. Just be patient and try not to get frustrated; you will get the medals eventually.
Posted by Beefboi1824 on 24 Nov 20 at 21:53
DavidIt was pretty straight forward. LMG set up like a lazer beam and hit teams from hiding in the trees. All in all took maybe 6/7 Fire team matches.
Posted by David#4473 on 26 Nov 20 at 11:59
MrKoolxDooddirty bomb is such a shit game mode
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 12 Dec 20 at 05:47
PWolf3I am having so much trouble doing this. If anyone wants to squad up let me know.
Posted by PWolf3 on 14 Dec 20 at 22:57
Whats a Chundyso I've got the dark ops done for "Hard Wipe: eliminate an entire squad of 4 players in a fireteam mode", but I have 0 squad wipe medals. Any idea what's going on?
Posted by Whats a Chundy on 20 Dec 20 at 08:30
Justin SaletnikAnyone who needs to boost this or another achievement message me on xbox live. I will even help even if I already got a specific achievement. Thanks :)
Posted by Justin Saletnik on 21 Dec 20 at 04:37
FH9471Commenting here as its top solution
Fireteam duos has just been released and its significantly easier to get the challenge done in
I completed it in 2 games and my missus (not very good at the game) got it done in 3
Choppers/helps helped a lot
Posted by FH9471 on 07 Jan at 20:15
Stole Your AmmoBest way to do this was fireteam duos, did it in 2 games :)
Posted by Stole Your Ammo on 08 Jan at 22:51
CakauFireteam duos is no longer available, after today’s update in the playlists.
Posted by Cakau on 15 Jan at 06:43
MrMinuAnyone for boost?
Posted by MrMinu on 30 Jan at 01:41
qwxxI'm down to boost. When?
Posted by qwxx on 30 Jan at 18:43
BrownLion22I hate this cheevo
Posted by BrownLion22 on 23 Feb at 18:13
Hobotheclown92I have 8/10 but haven’t been able to find a game for weeks. Sucks ass, knew I should have just smashed it all out while people were still playing it.
Posted by Hobotheclown92 on 26 Mar at 03:03