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Complete 3 Cairn challenges

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You will get this as you explore, but if you're impatient and want this as quickly as possible I'll show you the 3 locations I used.
1st one is Ledecestrescire see screenshot where my green arrow is

External image

2nd one is East Anglia

External image

3rd one is in Norway in Hordafylke, green arrow again. Use atlas on map screen to travel to Norway

External image

Don't worry about being underlevelled in Norway and East Anglia, you can use your ship to get close and then do the puzzles without fighting anyone. The puzzles themselves are stacking stones and holding b to confirm.
Crackhaw2Argh it’s getting annoying having to turn off the Xbox and load a old save and re do the glitched achievement each time they glitch out
Posted by Crackhaw2 on 15 Nov 20 at 16:14
AeriBouSDon't use quick resume. Just like with Xbox one always quit out the game when done. Hopefully that fixes your issue.
Posted by AeriBouS on 16 Nov 20 at 10:55
McGlynn437This achievement stopped tracking for me, I had done the first two cairns in the guide and a third in scireropscire. Doing OPs third cairn in Norway fixed my tracker and got me the achievement, hopefully this will fix it for anyone having the same issue.
Posted by McGlynn437 on 21 Nov 20 at 00:54
SkilledGerman22Did these three cairns first, stuck at 2/3. Did a fourth one, still at 2/3. Started a new game and in one session did all three, still 2/3. This achievement is obviously glitched and buggy as heck.

Edit: I just got this achievement to work on my new play through. I made a save before the third cairn I did (the East Anglia one), and when it didn’t initially pop I closed the game, restarted my Xbox and loaded the save before the cairn. I completed the cairn again and it popped.
Posted by SkilledGerman22 on 21 Nov 20 at 21:04
True ReclaimStill having issues with this achievement tracking
Posted by True Reclaim on 22 Nov 20 at 22:04
DarkPaul64In the story arc where you go to Snotingamscire. You’ll run around doing missions with Tygve and Villi. One of the missions require you to do a super easy Cairn stone stack. I then used the top two locations in this guide and got the achievement to pop. I Didn’t have to return to Norway.
Posted by DarkPaul64 on 02 Dec 20 at 17:54
Twisted TracksTheres 1 in asgard near the south sync spot
Posted by Twisted Tracks on 10 Jan at 09:44