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Godly Reward

Obtain Thor's Helmet

Godly Reward-5.5
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15 Nov 2020 15 Nov 2020
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To acquire Thor's Helmet you need to kill all three Daughter of Lerion in East Anglia. The one in the North is Power Level 90, East 160 and South is 340.

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For each kill you get a piece of Thor Armour Set and a Dagger, collect all three to open the Crypt and collect Thors Helmet here

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ThePaleHorsemanBe careful, this is buggy. I was (apparently foolishly) just playing through the game and enjoying it, not paying attention to the achievements. Long story short, the achievement didn't pop when I got the helmet. I didn't know it was an achievement so I just continued on my way. Now over 60 hours into the game I find out and don't have a save to revert to. Fuckin awesome, right?

So it's worth adding to your guide that you should definitely make a save before picking it up, that way you don't yet screwed like me. That goes for the story achievements too. Had 3 of them not pop. Gotta redo Lunden on top of killing these pain in the ass bosses again on a new save.
Posted by ThePaleHorseman on 22 Nov 20 at 00:32
SwarleyL23When facing the lvl 340 daughter, i made sure i had all my adrenaline full and kept using the harpoon impalement with the 2 ability unlocked. it did a great deal of damage towards her, which made the fight alot easier. i was power 262 when i did this too.
Posted by SwarleyL23 on 23 Nov 20 at 00:24
KemBong unI ended up grabbing the helmet and it didn't pop so I went to load up an old save but then I find out all of my saves literally just got corrupted, so you know.... that's fun.
Posted by KemBong un on 02 Dec 20 at 18:49
AntiDoubloon37I have Thor helmet and also Thor hammer but the achievement didn’t pop. Another of the many bugs in ACV?
Posted by AntiDoubloon37 on 15 Dec 20 at 14:52
KronicANDMetalWell this achievement unlocked.
Did the Order & the daughter achievements that didn't unlock the same day within an hour of each other so im guessing the 2 are still bugged after the last patch
Posted by KronicANDMetal on 16 Jan at 04:26