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Crash and Burn

Failed all 3 first dates, no second date

Crash and Burn-3.8
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The CherishedThe Cherished759,032
18 Nov 2020 19 Nov 2020
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Make sure your profession is Other and your astrological sign is Sagittarius, the other profile settings don't matter.

Send date invites to Grace, Saffron, and Paige.

For Grace, select these options:
-I don't share food
-It's gross
-Recently single
-Still talk
-Not really
-Chill out

For Saffron, select these options:
-Too lazy
-I eat what I want

For Paige, select these options:
-Influencing isn't a job

You will talk to your friend after failing these three dates, and then will be taken back to the date selection screen. Send invites to Saffron and Paige, whom will both reject you and take you to the credits screen. You can skip the credits by pressing RB, upon which the achievement will unlock at the main menu.
dotbosamSome dialogs don't trigger if you select "Finance" for instance, so please make sure to select "Creative" to follow this guide properly.
Posted by dotbosam on 19 Nov 20 at 04:22
The CherishedGood to know, I just randomly picked interests since they never seemed to do anything for me. I must have kept picking the same ones. Solution updated.
Posted by The Cherished on 19 Nov 20 at 05:41
AchevmenthunterI would like to add that because you only get 1 third date per playthough this achievement is extreamly helpful towards skipping through to only do the date ur going for because the other 2 u can just choose 2 of these 3 and skip the second dates and because you already saw these you can skip through the cinamatics of the first dates so u dont have to rewatch them 9 more times :) hope this helps
Posted by Achevmenthunter on 24 Nov 20 at 06:32